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Insight magazine relaunches

Sierra Leone's Insight magazine, with the payoff line ‘The only magazine for those who do business in Sierra Leone', is relaunching with a new look this month.
“We’ve also been putting in place foundations which we can build on, so that Insight magazine can truly become a vital piece of the complicated jigsaw that makes up an enabling business environment for Sierra Leone,” the publishers say.

Aimed at Sierra Leone’s existing and future business-minded individuals, Insight magazine translates the initiative, creativity, vibrancy, sheer doggedness and drive for change that is at the heart of Sierra Leone’s business sector, into words.

“Our aim is to drive progress within Sierra Leone’s private sector by telling its story and creating a platform to share information.”

Sierra Leone is a country of entrepreneurs, and developing the private sector is key to its sustainable economic growth. Within the country, there are some programmes, activities, initiatives, and organisations that focus on the business sector. 

Despite this, there is no unified platform or forum that allows Sierra Leone’s business community to communicate regularly with each other.  Insight intends to fill that gap. It aims to provide the tools to help existing businesses and start-ups, multinationals and MSMEs maintain a critical edge in a country which has a particularly challenging business environment.



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