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Sobriety of oil-addicted nations

The world is just not going to stop neither for a single leader nor for groups of nations..?
At hyper accelerated speed the world will keep consuming, producing and charging ahead at an unstoppable gear. Currently, it's a fallacy in the Western countries to simply blame the world, while being so bogged down to their own declining economic indicators pushing away from oil-addiction and new soft power realities making sobriety to settle in. The image supremacy of innovative excellence of the West is under closer examination by its own populace.

Facts in the clouds

A quick study of the US 2016 Presidential Election debates will point the new critical lack of global age skills facing Western economies and not just only USA. A review of the OECD forecasts and global economic indicators will verify the rapidly declining global image supremacy shifts of developed nations. A glance at Panama Papers will point to the broken systems, panic at the world’s top institutions and drifting public opinions on national credibility. The massive realization that the Western Institutions across the world are not performing ethically is creating a numbing effect.

Facts on the ground

Innovation mantra currently used as a new fashionable spray perfume in the corporate corridors of the new world is not the solution unless global age thinking and execution takes a precedent. Innovation when applied in vacuum to old ideas only becomes beautification of dead concepts, like morticians showcasing bodies along with organ music. Massive unstoppable re-organization is underway and fittest will survive.

Innovation has no hierarchies.
Entrepreneurialism has no boundaries.
Leadership has no titles.

The reality check for global age transformers

Either dramatically improve the process or simply eliminate the entire process. Either train to think inside the box, outside the box or liberate yourself to be without the box. Either discover fearless global age thinking and become borderless, timeless executioner of new ideas and stay in a Copcam mode, ‘constant online presence and constant advancement mode’ or simply get lost in the crowd. The art of focusing on the invisible is where the new battles are hidden.

The Three Mega Factors

Fact One:
Technocalamity; when the tsunami of free technologies becomes so powerful it threatens old establishments and mental prowess of the leadership. Emergence of new and sleeker highly efficient business models will challenge the old industrial thinking. A new global shift is taking place. Uber or Airbnb are typical examples.

Fact Two:
Alpha Dreamers; when five billion online users called alpha dreamers become the world's most powerful market, voice and cultural force, that starts to alter working styles, habits and needs and destroys the 9-5 working models and seek emergence of new styles of global age prosperity. Some 100 million entrepreneurs around the world are restlessly looking to park themselves in highly efficient, safe, clean and good lifestyle regions and this shift will have a new start.

Fact Three:
The Hardmental players of the hard asset centricity and old factory floor mentality gets over powered by Softmental Thinking where soft power asset management connect dots and invent globally workable technology and outsourced based economic development solutions. Century old thinking will be crushed into small shiny crystals and highly efficient models.

Nations that once were proud as addicted to oil are in now sobriety phase and more focused on evaluation of their national global age skill gaps over fossil oil combustion. The adjustments are simply unavoidable.

Domino Falls on Petro-Dependency

Now that the abundance of oil-supplies have seriously prolonged the expectancy of peak-oil days, making oil a less important resource in this global age of ‘technoclamity’ is transparent. This is an age where tsunamis of free technologies are overtaking functionalities, lifestyles and corporate operations. The demands for oil will not be slowed by new types of low mileage cars but rather by the massive elimination and daily ‘need’ of a car. Consider this in the light of the critical component essential for peak hour traffic jams necessary for physical meetings.

The new power and status symbols are hidden in “office-less-presence and purely leisure driving”. There may still be some 9-5 operations left in order to assure that the warehouses are maintained and the assembly lines operate effectively. However, robotisation will replace most of the white, blue and pink collar workers. The 2020 and beyond workplace era will have an entirely different look and feel.

Escape from Office-dependency

Global age is an office-less age. The deniers can scream; the heavy filing cabinets have been melted down and the real need of core decision making expertise have already flown out of the corner office windows. Today’s offices are left for old fashioned 9-5 workers. The domino fall of this side will be the biggest life style altering change ever seen since the appreciation agrarian systems.

Payroll freedom from job-dependency

This transition will erupt very suddenly and is ready when the millions of new emerging agile enterprises embrace the COPCAM code “constant-online-presence-constant-advancement-mode”. The COPCAM code is a constant global age hyper-processing model of corporate agendas where the large old fashioned bureaucratic establishments are shredded into fragmented shiny crystals. It is a model where free and independent hyper active decision making are fashioned under master philosophies and entrepreneurial spirits. Business is always open and thinking and decision making is not locked into any time zone.

The global age executives must be fully re-trained so they will “not” drive for the rest of their lives to a typical downtown core. They will visit and engage with hundreds and maybe even thousands of such downtown cores in hundreds of cities on a daily basis. This is a new global mentality slowly being discovered. The modern day challenge is to create armies of global-age executives. The job security is not in the job titles. Global age ‘execution’, it’s not in the ‘corner-offices’, but in the monumental mental leaps. Picture yourself functioning in an environment without boundaries; see yourself soaring to unlimited accomplishment.

Beneficiaries: Next generation business leaders, entrepreneurs, job-creators, game changers, purveyors of prosperity, global age trotters and alpha-dreamers.

Enemies: Ivory towers, fortified old establishments, rigid hierarchies, old school thinking and old school marketing and branding.

Adjustments: Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. Audit the entire business model. Create a global age world class dialogue and look deeper into your internal management pool and explore all hidden talents and realign new directions guided by a polished vision. Identify your mental style, adjust and make a leap. It will work.
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About Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement. He is a world recognised authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. He is founder of ABC Namebank, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. His recent work on entrepreneurial leadership and innovative performance Mentorian Worldwide ( is getting global attention. Contact him on LinkedIn: