Naseem Javed

Brand name consultant, author, speaker & lecturer
Location:South Africa


Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement. He is a world recognised authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. He is founder of ABC Namebank, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. His recent work on entrepreneurial leadership and innovative performance Mentorian Worldwide ( is getting global attention. Contact him on LinkedIn:
National mobilisation of entrepreneurialism

A blueprint for Africa: If national mobilisation of entrepreneurialism across a country is a solid possibility, what's stopping it and who is blocking it?...

By Naseem Javed 20 Jul 2017

Rise of alpha dreamers

A new global age has arrived...

By Naseem Javed 14 Jul 2016

Sobriety of oil-addicted nations

The world is just not going to stop neither for a single leader nor for groups of nations..?

By Naseem Javed 20 Apr 2016

Suffering from busylepsy?

When was the last time you heard a senior executive say "I'm just too busy?" The claims of being too busy are primarily an admittance to suffering from 'busylepsy'...

By Naseem Javed 30 Mar 2016

The collapse of the next industrial revolution

Now that all the brilliance of the mighty popular World Economic Forum 2016 in Davos, themed as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, has been fully captured, streamed and indexed, it's time to find a revolt.

By Naseem Javed 5 Feb 2016

Economical metamorphisms: 2020

All over the world, mega organisation, institutions and government agencies are immersed in tackling the economical chaos. Unsolved mysteries must now be unraveled...

By Naseem Javed 23 Dec 2015

Global age challenges post-oil economy & national exports

The post-oil economy is here to stay for a while. Why wouldn't governments and major trade associations of any exporting nation embrace national mandates to all out campaigns...

By Naseem Javed 21 Dec 2015

Toddlerisation of China

Now China, very wisely, allows extra cribs in nurseries, double carriages on streets and a second child...

By Naseem Javed 3 Nov 2015

Super-entrepreneurialism: 2020 style

At the risk of being too risky and 'out of the box crazy', societies all over the world would often reject raw and bold entrepreneurialism...

By Naseem Javed 15 Oct 2015

Technocalamity and Africa

"...When the tsunami of free technologies makes organisations look increasingly outdated, the same tsunamis can quadruple exports, innovative excellence and catapult into image supremacy... this makes technocalamity a new global age phenomena..." - Mentorian.

By Naseem Javed 28 Sep 2015

Google plays forbidden name games

Google, when borrowing a simple dictionary word 'Alphabet' to create a powerful mega global corporate name identity, could have easily called itself 'Cool', 'Pool' or a "Fool'...

By Naseem Javed 12 Aug 2015

The lost souls of organisations

Who is next after FIFA?

By Naseem Javed 19 Jun 2015

Monster HR now truly a global monster agency

TORONTO, CANADA: And why not ...because they deserve it...Monster HR just became the sole owner of master root of 'dot monster' top-level domain name...

By Naseem Javed 5 Feb 2015

The next global domain name-branding boom

TORONTO, CANADA: There are some million new cyber brands about to appear in global e-commerce, big or small they will skate all around the globe...

By Naseem Javed 28 Jan 2015

Monster collision of 15 Monster Trends in 2015

No matter what your position, location or size of your operation, the following 15 trends start to collide and open up amazing and instant opportunities for you...

By Naseem Javed 19 Dec 2014

Year 2020: Why is the world so zoomed?

Almost every country of the world has selected some worthy or some abstract and ambitious targets towards the year 2020.

By Naseem Javed 28 Jun 2014

Rebellion in the Dotcom Kingdom

TORONTO, CANADA: Since the invention of the internet, suddenly the phrase 'dot com' became the single most powerful word of the century...

By Naseem Javed 6 Feb 2014

Hiring: New leaders wanted

The new empires of image and power belong to newcomers and new leaders, from unknown and faraway places, with formal and informal training, with or without resources.

By Naseem Javed 26 Jul 2013

Bad names = bad profits

The world is being digitised, compressed and re-compressed and forced to spin out of control while passing through the eye of the needle. The landscape has great opportunities for new ideas.

By Naseem Javed 23 Jun 2013

Worldwide dotcom re-evaluations

The digital world is passing through the eye of the needle and domain name expansion is forcing all kinds on adjustments and re-alignments to cope with name identity survival.

By Naseem Javed 14 May 2013

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