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Building a team strong enough to carry a brand to success

We know that creating a strong company culture is crucial in order to hire the right employees – and then ensure they're inspired and enabled enough to help reach your business goals.
But once you’ve hired a load of talented individuals who align with your company culture, make sure you get the most out of them by entrenching teamwork as one of your company’s core values. Why? Teamwork allows that culture to further be fostered and shared between employees, resulting in more loyal and engaged members of staff.

So what exactly leads to seamless teamwork? Here are some ways to build a team that will meet your business goals.

Be open to evaluation

Once a team comes together to work on a task, it’s important for the leader of that group to constantly evaluate processes, to ensure your team is operating as smoothly as it can. For example, the leader could ask: does it make sense to have everyone in the office or could certain team members conference in? Can we create a schedule that will allow us to monitor a process more clearly? What software could we use to unify our calendars?


Getting to know you

A team is made up of various personalities; and each of those personalities needs to be nurtured and cared for. It is important to create a sense of comradery that will ensure everyone feels connected – and more likely to help, encourage and push the other members to do better. Try team building activities, or simple socialising, in order to allow the team to form a bond that transcends the boundaries of the boardroom.

Definition is key

Think of a team sport. Every position on the team has a name – and most of the time it allows all involved to understand that person’s job: striker (must strike at goals), goal keeper (must keep the goals defended). Simple. Similarly, when creating a team, outline exactly what each member’s role and responsibilities should be. Give them a name and defined, measureable objectives – so that everyone knows what is expected of them.

Feedback. Always

Working in a team can be daunting for some, especially when they feel like they’re going at it blind. Feedback is a fundamental way to ensure everyone understands the team’s path, and keeps on track with their goals. This isn’t just up to the team’s lead, but everyone working on that project.

The bottom line is, once you have defined your company’s culture, you’ll be able to instil it into the powerful teams you wish to grow in your organisation. Remember, a team with a shared culture and common goals is more likely to produce great quality work than a group of individuals who won’t necessarily understand your goals and culture in the same way. Teamwork is key.

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