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Starbucks vaccination drive: leading by example

Starbucks South Africa is pushing for full vaccination of all staff in its stores, with over a quarter of its stores fully vaccinated in just one month.
Starbucks Somerset Mall
Starbucks Somerset Mall

Recognising the scientific evidence supporting the power of vaccinations to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, Rand Capital Coffee is keen to ensure that all their employees (and customers) are protected and has encouraged all employees to be vaccinated.

“We provided information and opportunities for everyone to get vaccinated, set out an incentive reward and left it up to the people in our stores to make what they believe to be the right call,” says CEO Adrian Maizey.

“So far, I’m delighted to say that as of the end of November, we already had 10 stores with 100% fully vaccinated status, and we hope to have more by the end of the year,” he adds.

A balanced conversation

In describing the balance of proposing voluntary vaccinations as opposed to making it an operational imperative, Maizey says the Starbucks brand is human-centred, with a strong focus on the wellbeing of its people, the planet and our guests.

“Our mission is to create human connections through coffee and conversations.

“My hope with the vaccination drive is that our employees will discuss the merits of being vaccinated to protect themselves, their loved ones, and our guests from the virus.

Doing the right thing

As we move deeper into the holiday season, Maizey believes many South Africans will be looking for places and opportunities to gather and celebrate the end of a tough year while safely enjoy each other’s company.

“Protecting our people is the right thing to do,” Maizey says. “It’s equally important that we do our best to provide a safe space for our guests. Somewhere they can happily and confidently experience one of the great joys of life — connecting over superb coffee and conversations.”

To date, the Starbucks outlets boasting 100% vaccination status include:
  1. Canal Walk, Cape Town
  2. West Coast Village, Cape Town
  3. Linden, Johannesburg
  4. Rosebank, Johannesburg
  5. Sandton City, Johannesburg
  6. Centurion Mall, Pretoria
  7. Constantia Emporium Checkers FreshX, Cape Town
  8. Canal Walk Checkers FreshX, Cape Town
  9. Rosebank Mall Checkers FreshX, Johannesburg
  10. Somerset Mall, Western Cape

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