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#BizTrends2019: What's in store for interior design and décor trends towards 2020?

Natural materials, texture, and individuality are the key elements that will shape interior design and décor trends into 2020. It is important to understand that trends are driven by a variety of influencing factors, yet, in spite of this the current consumer attitudes are one of the biggest driving forces behind décor and design trends.
Dave Nemeth
Dave Nemeth
For several years now, consumers have swayed towards unique design styles, which are more bespoke and tailored to their lifestyle rather than imitating the direction of glossy magazines or even the annual colour forecasts.

Trend direction was far clearer in previous decades; interiors looked very similar and would radically change in appearance every few years. We are certainly living in an age where personalisation and individuality mean more than they ever did in the past.

There will however be certain trend directions that will be noticeable over the next few years, but expectedly these will generally be translated differently by designers, architects, and homeowners alike.

The connected home

This is one area that is guaranteed to become commonplace over the next few years. Technology and fast internet connection have allowed us to run so many elements of our daily lives utilising these innovations, and the home is no different. With an estimated 20 million devices being connected by 2020, the technology will soon be more affordable. Many appliances are already featuring IoT (internet of things) connectivity. Controlling lights, opening doors for visitors, or simply adjusting the temperature of the room from anywhere in the world are already becoming relatively common practice while continuing to evolve.

#BizTrends2019: What's in store for interior design and décor trends towards 2020?

Black is back and bigger than ever

Black has moved into the design and décor world fast and furiously and not in a discreet way either. The trend is towards having entire spaces painted in this dramatic colour as well as slightly lighter shades, like charcoal. If done correctly the effect is extremely striking and actually does not make a room look smaller. This good direction has also found its way into kitchen design with kitchens, in general getting darker, and also combining natural textures and elements.

Natural materials

Natural finishes will remain popular over the next few years. Stone, concrete, aged timber, and slate and a variety of other textures are being found throughout the home and even feature regularly in kitchens and bathrooms. It is not just the interior where this is popular but also in architecture, where modern materials are often combined with beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing natural materials.

#BizTrends2019: What's in store for interior design and décor trends towards 2020?

Rounded forms inspired by Art Deco

In the same way that the so-called Scandinavian revival was more about using the design philosophy of “less is more” and simplified forms, so too will we begin to see more rounded forms appearing along with Art Deco-inspired patterns. Couches and occasional chairs following this styling are already featuring strongly and wooden frames are being replaced with brass and copper. Items such as retro-inspired drinks trolleys have gained in popularity. Lighting will also show inspiration from the Art Deco period as will dining furniture.

Bringing plants indoors

Living walls have been exceptionally popular over recent years, mostly in hotels and offices due to the complexity of creating these in such a way that they can survive with minimal maintenance. They are also exceptionally expensive so expect to see more homes being built with more affordable indoor plant atriums. Many new kitchen designs also incorporate an area in which to grow microgreens and herbs. 

The way in which design trends affect our living has changed as consumers no longer simply follow what the “experts” say. Expect to see exciting spaces based on individuality rather than fashionable fads.

About Dave Nemeth

A leading blue chip international company recently identified Dave as one of the top creative influencers in the country. Dave Nemeth is a qualified designer who has held a variety of senior as well as executive positions with some of the countries leading retail groups, spanning a career of twenty years. Email Dave at az.oc.enilnodlrow@nevad, follow @davenemeth on Twitter and connect on Facebook.

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