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#BizTrends2020: 3 human intelligence trends shaping the digital era

While today's operating environment puts businesses under pressure to innovate, the workforce can feel left out and wonder where they fit in. While there's no denying how digitisation is allowing efficiencies in business that were not possible before, Human Intelligence (HI) is still a great commodity for businesses today, and in the future.
Dov Slowatek, CEO of 3Way Marketing
Dov Slowatek, CEO of 3Way Marketing
The big question then is, what moves can we expect to see in the market as businesses look to leverage digital transformation with people in mind?

A good place to start is examining how digital technologies, such as automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have not only benefited businesses in driving efficiency but also benefits the human workforce - by cutting out tasks that may be seen as repetitive and mundane.

According to Deloitte’s recent Global Human Capital Trends survey, 41% of respondents are already investing in automation extensively, across multiple functions, to empower their workers to create more value by enabling them to produce better results, and focus on higher-value tasks.

So, here are some trends that we can expect to see in the market in the coming year:
  1. Empowered people - the biggest misconception is that the digital era is only catered for the digitally skilled.

    While digital skills will increasingly be on-demand - if we look at the lead generation scenario, for instance, where understanding what products and services people want is key – this means that while digital tools can process data efficiently, it still takes people to come up with the strategy of how to stoke the lead generation project to apply to people.

    As a result, the market will begin to see digital solutions not only augment technical roles, but also drive efficiency in areas like call centres where the typical scenario will be that of an AI-backed chatbot handing over the conversation to the right consultant.

  2. New business opportunities - the reality is that many companies are still struggling to reap the benefits of digital transformation, given that becoming a digital enterprise is no small undertaking.

    The required strategic approach simply cannot be implemented without people in mind.

    As a result, the broader business scenario will only begin to see true transformation if their digital strategies and initiatives bring new opportunities for staff. Everything from data curation and monitoring; IT systems management; cybersecurity; cultivating and engaging with an eco-system of technology partners; the implementation of automated and intelligent workflows all needed to be adapted with training programmes that focus on digital competencies.

    As a result, businesses will begin to understand the technologies available to them, they will also begin to see how HI can truly drive successful adoption and expand on its revenue streams.

    After all, these technologies are created and managed by people.

  3. Rise of the digital workforce - for the younger generations coming into the workplace, many who are viewed as the ‘digital natives’, will of course find it easier to form part of the digital eco-system in business – especially as institutions of higher learning also begin to offer digital learning.

    So, going into 2020, businesses will begin to assume far more flexible and contingent talent models to rapidly access in-demand skills to allow them to deliver a better and stronger customer experience – all while leveraging HI according to the industries’ demands.

As digital transformation continues to bring exciting changes to the workplace, Human Intelligence is still invaluable and will continue to be - as business offerings are tailored for humans.

Trends will come and go just like industrial revolutions, but people and what they can offer for business will continue to stand the test of time – in 2020 and beyond.
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