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JSE teams up with AWS for major BDA overhaul

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Africa's leading marketplace, has struck a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give its tech a major overhaul. The move is set to revolutionise its real-time market data delivery, and they'll tap into cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning (ML), generative AI, and blockchain.
Collaboration is the name of the AI migration game
Collaboration is the name of the AI migration game

The JSE's focus is on revamping its market infrastructure and kicking things off is a complete upgrade of the JSE's Broker Dealer Administration (BDA) system.

The BDA is crucial for risk management and smooth operations within the equity markets. Modernising the BDA, currently a legacy system, will meet broker-dealers' needs while keeping the JSE at world-class standards.

"We're staying the course by creating a more enabling environment for market players," said Leila Fourie, group CEO of the JSE in a statement.
"This partnership with AWS is a new dawn for financial services, one where tech and innovation drive the show.”

We're not just upgrading infrastructure; we're raising the bar for the whole industry and making our markets more inclusive, efficient, and future proof

"AWS understands the specific needs of capital markets around the globe, and we're chuffed to be working with the JSE," added Tanuja Randery, managing director, AWS EMEA.

"The JSE's mission to boost efficiency and create an inclusive cloud-based market has huge potential to transform how capital markets work in South Africa. We're proud to help the JSE unlock investment opportunities, grow diversity, and manage risk using the latest AWS innovations, with a focus on edge computing and generative AI."

Benefits of BDA modernisation

This BDA upgrade promises big gains in efficiency, lower operating costs, reduced tech debt, and it'll help the JSE respond faster to the needs of its brokers.

Clients can expect a better experience, richer analytics, and a secure, modern system offering greater flexibility when it comes to integrating with the JSE.

"This major partnership with AWS will give the JSE sharp new tools to deliver the best results for the broader Capital Markets community," explained Tebalo Tsoaeli, CIO of the JSE.

"Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and this strategic partnership will further establish the JSE as a hub for Capital Markets innovation on the continent."

Future focus

The collaboration will also explore other value-adding areas, like improving the cloud-delivery of real-time market data. Additionally, it will explore the use of AWS's global infrastructure and low-latency edge computing services.

This partnership will harness the power of AWS's analytics and AI toolkit to develop clever new tools and services, leading to smarter, more informed trading.

The JSE will also access AWS Generative AI capabilities through Amazon Bedrock, offering top-performing AI models via a single API.

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