Smart ways technology can be used to support a greener lifestyle

Load-shedding is a frustration for all South Africans. While many individuals are rushing to invest in alternative energy solutions like solar panels to manage this, sustainable choices for homes and offices are becoming more topical. With issues like climate change, the rapid degradation of our natural resources, and an energy crisis at play, living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Technology has an important role to play in this process and innovative approaches, such as LG's ThinQ technology, are leading the way.
Smart ways technology can be used to support a greener lifestyle

What is ThinQ?

The LG ThinQ mobile app serves as a central platform for controlling a wide range of the brand’s connected appliances and consumer electronics. The future has arrived, and smart home appliances with built-in intelligence are slowly becoming the norm for modern households. LG’s ThinQ capabilities are a prime example of this.

Avoiding food waste

It may not seem like something that would have a major impact but, according to a report1 from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), food wastage accounts for approximately 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. As more and more food ends up in landfills, its impact on climate change is becoming evident.

The good news is that this is an area where small changes can make a big difference. Choose technology designed to help food last longer – for instance, you can use the ThinQ app to monitor and control your LG InstaView Door-in-Door fridge to help reduce food waste.

The app will notify you if someone has left the fridge door open, and you can control the temperature settings straight from your smart device. Change the temperature to whatever it needs to be at any given moment, making sure that you’re not using more electricity than necessary, and that the fridge is at the optimal temperature for your fresh produce.

Energy monitoring and usage patterns

Optimising the utility of energy in your home is another great way to effortlessly create a more sustainable space. By analysing the overall utility pattern in your home, you know exactly where you can reduce your usage. This can help you anticipate future energy needs and improve the way you use energy in the long run.

An easy way to start monitoring your LG appliances is to explore the ThinQ app’s intelligent monitoring features. These allow you to effortlessly monitor your usage patterns so you can manage your family’s daily activities and habits to reduce your consumption.

Remotely controlling how much energy an appliance is using is another great way to optimise this. Thanks to ThinQ innovation, you can use your smartphone to adjust an array of appliance settings that will help limit unnecessary electricity usage. For instance, the LG Artcool air conditioner has an energy saving and fast cooling mode. And with the ThinQ app, you can access your air conditioner at any time and from anywhere to monitor and control energy usage. No more wasting energy when you accidentally leave the aircon on after leaving the house. Just turn it off from the app!

Use appliances with a long lifespan

Investing in appliances for the long term is crucial. The longer you hold on to an energy-efficient appliance, the better for the planet. Choosing an appliance that will last you a long time is one of the easiest ways to adopt a more sustainable home life. LG innovation places sustainability at the forefront.

While load-shedding may be a nuisance, it’s emphasising the need to find more sustainable approaches to energy usage. It’s easy to feel disheartened, as though our individual contribution doesn’t make a difference when it comes to cultivating a greener future, but every little bit counts. LG’s ThinQ technology makes leading a more energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyle an achievable reality.

1From UNEP Food Waste Index Report 2021, by UN Environment Programme, March 2021.

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