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Social media tips for businesses

Here, Jared Koning, CSO at Fatality, shares ten social media tips for businesses.
(c) Panithan Fakseemuang -
(c) Panithan Fakseemuang -

1. Build a connection with customers

A person may already have some of them on their personal social media accounts. Building a social networking profile with the business will help a person directly connect with the customers.

2. Start blogging

A blog will allow customers to be updated with news and new information. Commenting on other people’s blogs can help start a discussion and online networking.

3. Encourage customer feedback

Feedback will allow a business to change their products or services to meet the needs of their customers.

4. Respond to feedback

Take note of the feedback that is left on social media. Complaints need to be handled quickly and effectively. Be sure to listen to suggestions on how to improve products and services.

5. Monitor the feedback left online

A business should know what people are saying about them. Search engines and tools such as Google Analytics can be useful for this purpose.

6. Be sure to be aware of what the competition is doing

Many review sites will allow customers to share the experience they have with a business. Read them regularly to see what people are saying about other businesses as well. If the rivals offer a special promotion, it may be a good idea to launch something similar to get the customer's attention.

7. Respond to negative comments right away

This will help reduce the negative attention they are causing online. Offer an apology to the client and see what can be done to make the situation right.

8. Take note of what the customers want

Think of ways to add to the website. A FAQ section may be the right away to address common questions customers have.

9. Change customer service techniques

Make sure that everyone working in customer service has access to the social media profiles. Share good feedback with relevant members of the staff.

10. Make sure employees are aware of changes

Staff members should be trained on how to use social media, and there should be a clear policy for those that will use Facebook and other social media accounts.

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