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Blood, Sweat and Tears: 45 years of The Loeries

This year the Loeries celebrate 45 years of creative excellence and innovation with the campaign theme 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' that embodies the tough conditions that the brand communications industry has weathered over the past few years.
Image supplied. This year's Loerie's theme is Blood, Sweat & Tears
Image supplied. This year's Loerie's theme is Blood, Sweat & Tears

Conceptualised and designed by Grid Worldwide’s agency in Cape Town for the African and the Middle East creative awards, the theme embraces the time, talent and tenacity it takes to find the best idea and create the best work, while reinforcing the unwavering creative drive and craft needed to find new levels of innovative excellence.

Recognising the strength of the industry

No stranger to The Loeries, having won many Loeries over the years, the agency also rebranded the Loeries a few years ago.

“Grid’s idea to recognise the strength of this industry – no matter the challenges - was insightful,” says Loeries CEO, Preetesh Sewraj.

For Adam Byars, joint CEO of Grid Worldwide The Loeries is the pinnacle of creative excellence in Africa and the Middle East. “It pushes agencies, clients, and creatives to dig deep, put in the hours and craft their work with such skill and passion.”

Setting a high standard

The campaign manifesto reflects this, as it asks: “How do we elevate our creativity? We break beneath the surface. We collaborate. We interrogate. We push harder. We push back. We push through. We put in the hours no matter the hour. Setbacks become our greatest comebacks.

Summing up the intention of the theme, Jineil Kandasamy, creative director and partner at Grid Worldwide says: “It is important to ensure a high standard for work across the industry and this will require nothing less than blood, sweat and tears.”

Or as the manifesto further states: “We cut out mediocracy. We bring in precision. We craft, and craft. Then craft some more. We do it with passion. With perseverance. And most of all, with purpose. And when we’re finally done, we start all over again. Because creating better than the best takes blood, sweat and tears.”

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