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#CreativeWanderings: Exploring at Loeries 2022

Dear reader, it's always best to get a good breakfast when you're looking to explore a whole new world.

And yes, Loeries has been around for a while, but every year presents something entirely different.

Thankfully, New York Bagels - just around the corner from the Homecoming Centre - provides the exact sustenance one would need to start the day.

Even if you aren’t hungry, the billowy scent of freshly made bagels is sure to draw you in. This is especially evident, seeing that the line was extending outside the shop and around the corner.

Creatives know a good thing when they smell it.

Drawing a map

If I could give you one rule for exploration; mapping out the experience absolutely has to go deeper than what you see on the surface.

It’s not just that Sbu Sitole, chairperson of the Loeries is present, it’s that he was talking to you in the crowd. Commanding attention with his magenta shorts and adroitness, it’s always a humbling experience to see the people who make events like Loeries possible.

Can you spot SA's top creatives?
Can you spot SA's top creatives?

But it’s also just a reminder that they’re people with the desire to connect, just like everyone else.

Exploring the Loeries experience draws much further from going to talks and attending awards ceremonies. In fact, in my modest opinion, it’s really all about the people.

Discovering the ideas

Dear reader, everybody always talks about the energy of these things. Today, my goal was to figure out what that even means.

See, at the core of its meaning, energy is something we use and release to complete the ‘every day’ we have set out for ourselves. On the outside of science, though, I have unequivocally discovered that energy is something you feel all around you (if you had any doubts).

And at the centre of Loeries energy, there is no word more apt than zest.

The evidence is clear: all of us here are ready and working to lick up every lap of artistry that we are presented with.

And, of course, the coffee and bagels.

Let's do Biz