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#Newsmaker: Tshepo Tumahole wins Loeries Young Creatives Award

Tshepo Tumahole, a copywriter at Joe Public along with Jarryd Duthoit, a finishing artist at Left Post Productions, was awarded the 2020 Loeries Brand South Africa Young Creatives Award last week.

The Award is open to 27-year-olds and under, and recognises the top young creatives in the brand communications industry, with the winners each receiving a Gold Loerie.

he Award is open to 27-year-olds and under, and recognises the top young creatives in the brand communications industry, with the winners each receiving a Gold Loerie.

Tshepo Tumahole
Tshepo Tumahole

Joe Public United’s creative director, Claudi Potter describes Tumahole as an invaluable and incomparable talent in the creative team and says he has been instrumental in the delivery of award-winning integrated solutions on brands like Nedbank, Castle Milk Stout, CTM and Chicken Licken. “Tshepo has a very unique voice, and a writing talent that is incredibly rare. He matches that with a level of leadership, maturity and conceptual ability that is way beyond his years.”

After winning a radio commercial writing competition in 2015, Tumahole received a bursary to complete his Higher Diploma in Copywriting at the AAA School of Advertising.

Here, he goes on to tell us how he feels about feel being recognised as one of the top young creatives in the brand communications industry…

Congrats on your Loeries win! How do you feel about being recognised as one of the top young creatives in the brand communications industry?

It’s really an honour and something I’m grateful for. To be recognised in an industry that has so many talented and creative people is something that one can never take for granted. It feels more like a responsibility to continue doing outstanding work and uphold the standards set by the many people who have shaped our industry to be what it is today.

What led you to discover your craft and why did you choose a career in advertising/brand communication?

I know it’s a cliché but I didn’t choose this industry. I was in matric and I had just finished writing my June exams when the AAA School of Advertising and YFM ran a copywriting bursary competition. I didn’t know what copywriting was back then but I entered anyway because I enjoyed commercials and going to a school of advertising as you can imagine was a dream. The first task was to write a radio ad about myself and surprisingly they enjoyed it so much that they thought I was worthy of making it into the top 10. We were then briefed on different briefs where I moved to the top 5 and eventually I was announced as the overall winner. So yeah, I saw an opportunity and thank God I took it.

What do you love most about working for Joe Public and your role in particular?

I cannot begin to explain the major role Joe Public played in making me the creative I am today and also in achieving this accolade. About three years ago, Pepe Marais said to me, “I’m going to make sure you win the Young Creative Award,” and since that day he has pushed me to always do better than my best.

When Xolisa Dyeshana met me, I probably still had student work in my portfolio and he told me that coming to Joe Public would change my life, needless to say, it did. Xolisa believed in me not because of what I had achieved but for what I could achieve, and that’s what growth is all about.

I don’t think I can thank Claudi Potter, Michele Lazarus and Sergio Da Cruz enough for firstly being part of my life and then secondly for being the reason behind my achievements. Last and most importantly my art director, Tshepo Mogorosi makes coming to work worth it. I enjoy every minute we work together and thank you for everything. That’s what I enjoy the most about working at Joe Public, the people.

Comment on the current state of the industry.

The industry is in safe hands and it can only get better from here. Each and every year I’m inspired by how our industry keeps on improving and challenging itself. I’m glad that award shows like the Loeries encourage innovation as that is what keeps us seeking new ways to execute ideas and incorporate fresh thinking to solutions.

What change do you hope to see? How do you hope to #CreateChange?

I would like to see more people like me in senior positions, not just black people but young black people. As an industry, that should be driving progressive thinking. We really do take time to adapt and move forward. It baffles me how out of all the commercials on our screens, it’s only about 1% if not less that are uniquely South African. This is because we don’t have enough black people making the decisions and when they give you insights, they still need to explain why it works and if you don’t get it, then it doesn’t work.

I’m privileged to work at a place where this is not the case, but interacting with my peers, this is the sense I get and an industry-wide problem that needs to change.

What’s at the top of your to-do list (at work)?

To do better than how I did yesterday.

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to (for work)?

I’m currently reading Ali: A Life by Jonathan Eig, and listening to a lot of Mr JazziQ.

Tell us something about yourself not generally known?

Search ‘Tshevs’ on YouTube.

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