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Kaya FM fires station manager

Johannesburg-based commercial radio station Kaya FM fired station manager Sibongile Mtyali on Friday, who has been ordered to leave the station with immediate effect.
Image sourced from Twitter: Sibongile Mtyali
Image sourced from Twitter: Sibongile Mtyali

Mtyali apparently intends to apply for an urgent court interdict to reverse the decision, as she believes it is an unlawful termination. Mtyali believes that she has not breached any company policy.

Her dismissal is said to have come after her decision not to fire sports presenter Mpho Maboi following an altercation with ‘Afternoon Drive’ presenter Sizwe Dhlomo. According to a Twitter thread shared by Dhlomo, the problems started when Maboi started missing scheduled meetings.

He further said he spoke to Maboi twice and when she continued to miss those meetings, he then took the matter to her manager for him to address it.

“[Maboi] then skipped her manager and called Sbo instead. I then asked why did you remove a person who obviously could deliver for someone who couldn’t. Sbo’s response was ‘you will work with whomever we tell you to’. Again I asked if everyone else can make the meeting, what makes this newcomer to our team so special,” he said.

An anonymous source told Sunday World, “I’m one of those staffers who jumped on the bandwagon and complained about her, but I regret my actions because this was based on nothing but lies. I did not think it would get this far. I don’t know how I will be able to live with myself for destroying a young talented Black woman for no apparent reason.”

Allegedly, Mtyali is likely to be replaced by presenter Thabo ‘T-Bose’ Mokwele.

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