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'I am 702'

I am 702... And what a year to turn 40.
A year we’ll remember for centuries…

A year of Covid, SpaceX and Trump….

#BlackLivesMatter and global recession…

State Capture Enquiry, Sassa, Prasa and masks.

For when the world’s axis shifted – so did mine.

Whilst my vision will always be stronger than my memory…. It’s my history that defined me and led me to this powerful point.

As a teenage rebel – I raised my first against authority and spoke for the voiceless.

In my twenties – I became a warrior for democracy.

In my thirties, my activism matured. But I always demanded answers. Held people to account.

I’ve interviewed Slovo, McBride, Zuma and Mbeki… Global leaders, the right, the wrong. I always showed both sides of the story. I always sought justice.

Now in my 40th year… I am more energised than ever. I will always fight for what’s right. I am focussed on solutions. And action.

My life is rich… My health, relationships, mind and community sustain me.

I laugh. I think. I engage. I love. I feel…

I am 702.

I am 702.

I am 702.

We are 702.

702. Let’s Walk the talk

About 702:

702 Is the biggest talk radio station in the country. The station targets SEM eight to 10 listeners between the ages of 35 and 55 and boasts talent that is confident, forthright and knowledgeable. 702 delivers shows that engage listeners through insightful conversation and fearless debate, whilst also providing an escape to kick back and enjoy a soulful mix of music on the weekend. Our spirited talk shows are never dull and often contentious, with seasoned presenters fearlessly shining the light on some of the country’s most pressing issues and using their voices as instruments of change.

Visit 702 online at

Primedia Broadcasting
Primedia Broadcasting is the home to premium radio stations in Gauteng and the Western Cape and specialises in omnichannel converged solutions that deliver results.

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