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All about the Logitech G705 and G715; worth it or not?

Logitech is a well-known brand with a pretty wide range of products to choose from, and in my experience, they have been quite reliable.

The G705 wireless mouse and G715 wireless keyboard have been no exception to this reliability. More than that, though, they’ve just been really fun and convenient to use.

Both products come from Logitech’s ‘Aurora’ Series, which is meant to portray a dreamy-like mood. At first glance, both definitely hit the right notes to get this vibe off.

During my review time, I played Ori and the Blind Forest, Doom Eternal, and Overwatch to try and get a good idea of what they are like in different game scenarios.

The mouse

If you’re into PC gaming, a wireless mouse is always a game-changer. Simply, using a wireless mouse means that you don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled amongst your other peripherals (and itself) when you’re in the midst of battle. So it gets points for making my life easier.

What’s interesting about this mouse is how small it is. This means that it may not be for everybody - but as a person with small hands, this was a refreshing change to come across.

And seriously, it’s really small. Weighing in at just 85g, it measures at 68mm x 105mm x 38mm. I was very happy to find something that fits my hand comfortably, as I have struggled in the past with a big mouse that feels uncomfortable and inhibits my gameplay.

All about the Logitech G705 and G715; worth it or not?

The click latency was pretty much non-existent, so the games felt exceptionally responsive, and the battery life was excellent. Over a month, I only really had to charge it twice (and I play a lot of games).

With 100 – 8,200 dpi settings and six programmable buttons, the G705 is a good all-around product. Plus, you can customise it with an impressive array of different colours and effects.

The only criticism I have is that it is not the ideal size for everybody - but that’s what it was designed for, so is it really a fault, then?

The keyboard

My first impression of the G715 wireless keyboard is that it is very pretty. It’s a tenkeyless keyboard, which helps save some space on your desk - and this is especially useful when it comes to gaming. The keyboard also comes in three colours: white, green, and pink. However, the more colourful versions are more expensive, so keep that in mind if you are looking for one.

The keyboard uses GX switches, which make a pleasant sound - unlike some Logitech keyboards that use Romer G switches. Allegedly, they will last you about 70 million strokes, which is a good lifespan overall. Games were responsive and using the keyboard was a delight in all of them.

The keyboard also comes with a cloud-shaped wrist rest, which is incredibly comfortable and looks really cute.

All about the Logitech G705 and G715; worth it or not?

The range on the keyboard is really excellent - I could stand in a different room of my house and still click away on my PC. It claims to boast a 9m range, and as far as I could tell, it held up really well.

The battery life is not as impressive as the G705, but they are different products, and if you use them together it means you can have one cable dedicated to charging them, instead of having two hanging around (which would defeat the purpose of using wireless peripherals).

Although some of the colours struggle to come through, there is a myriad of different settings you can use to customise your look. Plus, it has a few really cool preset colours and patterns that I enjoyed using.

Generally, this was a good product. If the style and price suit you, I would say it is worth the buy.

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