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Tony Weaver's 'Madiba Moment'

NEWSWATCH: If you didn't read it, you should here is Weaver's 'Madiba Moment', and while we're about it, we'll also take a look at how a silent protest against Alide Dasnois' dismissal as editor of the Cape Times, was hijacked. (video)
Tony Weaver's 'Madiba Moment'

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    Cape Times: Tony Weaver: Man Friday column... He wants to tell you an incredible story: "It is a story that will go down in the annals of South African journalism history as one of those "I was there" nights." He was there, and the story will go down in the annals of SA journalism.

  • Sowetan live: Police intervene in Cape Town protest... Suppose you want to stage a silent, dignified protest and then a mob turn up determined to disrupt it. Well, that's what happened in Cape Town yesterday when a group of rowdy protesters, allegedly members of Movement for Transformation of Media in SA (MTMSA) and the SA National Civic Organisation (Sanco), did just that to an R2K silent protest.

    The police were on hand and told the MTMSA/Sanco group that they had not applied for a protest permit and had better disperse and leave - or face arrest.

    So apparently they did leave - quietly - but not before turning what should have been a dignified silent protest into a rowdy one.

    See also Transformation movement gate-crashes R2K Dasnois protest... and then watch the video and judge for yourself:

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