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Rosey & Vittori's Steven Rosenbau talks inspiration, SA fashion and SAMW

Along with Isabella Bosigno, Steven Rosenbau is the creative force behind Rosey & Vittori, a luxury streetwear brand that strives to bring panache to everyday street style. Rosenbaum and Bosigno recently presented their autumn/winter 2018 collection at South African Menswear Week held at Cape Town City Hall this past weekend.

Rosey & Vittori's Steven Rosenbau talks inspiration, SA fashion and SAMW
We spoke to Rosenbaum about inspiration, the future of SA fashion, and the importance of showcases like SAFW.

BizcommunityWhich three emotions do you want your AW18 collection to evoke?

Universal, bold, luxurious.

BizcommunityWho/what are some of your biggest influences?

Although inspired by everyday classics, the idea of trends within symbolism and universal imagery diversifies our style. But we have always drawn inspiration and influence from everywhere, anything and everything!

BizcommunityWhat do you think about the plagiarism claims made about your AW18 collection?

We never intended to offend anyone. We are well aware of the use other fashion houses have made of such universal imagery. While we are constantly inspired by various sources and such universal imagery, we take pride in the fact that all our designs are originally ours and unique to our style as the Rosey & Vittori brand.

We respect and admire all fashion houses. We were simply interpreting trends and hailing those that inspire us.

Rosey & Vittori's Steven Rosenbau talks inspiration, SA fashion and SAMW

BizcommunityWhat’s the biggest misconception about being a fashion designer?

That it’s all glitz and glam. There are endless, long hours, hard work and trial and error involved. Sometimes you have hits, other times misses, but in the end sticking with what you are passionate about makes it worth it.

BizcommunityHow do you balance your creativity with the business side of your brand?

Plan, plan, plan. It’s tricky. And as much as we'd like to put anything and everything into a collection, we need to give it thought and decide whether it is financially a good decision. But with some forward thinking and planning, balance can be maintained.

BizcommunityHow do you think showcases like SAMW help to grow fashion businesses?

Platforms such as these work with you to help build and promote your brand, as well as build a following. It allows for the development of the industry and it gives us as designers the opportunity to launch collections into the spotlight and to work with the local industry to promote one other.

BizcommunityWhat do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing fashion designers in South Africa?

It’s tough getting into the market as a young design house. There might be a plethora of fashion creatives and a lot that sets them apart from other designers, but who is there to channel, guide, sculpt and assist them in turning that creativity into a workable, profitable business model?

We don't feel that the ‘business of fashion’ is taken as seriously as it should be in South Africa.

Rosey & Vittori's Steven Rosenbau talks inspiration, SA fashion and SAMW

BizcommunityWhat advice would you give someone trying to enter the fashion industry?

Give it horns! Start from the bottom - read fashion magazines, follow trends and blogs and browse shopping malls as often as you can. Work at a local retail store or boutique. Intern where you can in order to understand the basics.

You start to pick up what's hot and what not, what works and what doesn't. Do your best to craft your own brand signature/handwriting – it will always evolve, as the times do. And before you know it, you're establishing your own brand and pushing boundaries!

Many people will say many things, some that build you up and others that go out of your way to tear you down. Its tough and sometimes very frustrating, but the reward is well worth it because you're living what you love!

Visit Rosey & Vittori online to learn more, and connect with the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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