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Get a free vehicle valuation on

Motorists who are in need of an estimated value on their current car can now use the online Vehicle Value Estimator on the website to request such an amount. These values might be needed for insurance purposes, or maybe you're thinking of selling your car or trading it in and are curious about what it is worth.
Get a free vehicle valuation on

Knowing the approximate value of your vehicle before starting the shopping process is a big advantage as it allows you to calculate finance payments, settlement amounts, and negotiate the best deal.

Knowing the value of your car also gives you some protection against buyers or dealers who are trying to make extra money off your deal by offering you an excessively low amount.

The Vehicle Value Estimator allows motorists to get an obligation free, accurate market related value of their car.

The Vehicle Value Estimator is easy to use and only requires motorists to enter their make, model, year, model type and mileage as well as a reason for the evaluation.

The development of this online calculator was in response to recent market shifts to a sell your car market where consumers have become more comfortable with new ways of buying a car. The result is that consumers are no longer necessarily always trading in their old car for a new vehicle at the same place but looking for the best deal on both transactions separately.

In the wake of the recent Covid pandemic, there has also been a big shake-up in the pricing of both new and pre-owned vehicles with new supply and demand patterns significantly challenging the traditional pricing model.

Pricing generated by the Vehicle Value Estimator is based on live data harvested from the extensive Motus dealer network and as such is based on prices that cars are actually being sold for, rather than an estimated guess as was historically the case.

The Motus dealer network comprises in excess of 350 new and pre-owned dealerships representing the majority of the vehicle brands available in South Africa today. As such Motus is the biggest actual retailer of cars in South Africa. This position gives unprecedented access to actual vehicle pricing data and it is this data that is utilised as the basis of the Vehicle Value Estimator to give motorists an accurate value of what their car is really worth in the current marketplace.

Pricing generated by the Vehicle Value Estimator reflects the current market, however motorists should remember that vehicle pricing is also affected by factors such as vehicle condition, maintenance and servicing, and any potential buyer will take those factors into consideration before making a final offer.

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