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Four tips to make your business travelling time productive

Travelling for several hours at a time may be a part of your business life and while travelling for business is not a problem, being idle while travelling could be. This is perhaps the reason why business travel is often approached with a certain element of exasperation. It can be extremely frustrating to travel when working efficiently isn't possible.

Four tips to make your business travelling time productive
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However, as we live in the 21st, more opportunities exist to use business travel time more productively. The internet has become a business weapon which enables you to work productively while travelling. Regardless of the number of time zones you travel across and the jet lag that you might be left to deal with, time won’t stop entirely. When you reach your destination, it’s business as usual at the best of times.

Technology provides a variety of opportunities to make your flight time more productive, but making good use of these opportunities will only be possible if you are committed and focused on your objectives. For this to happen, you need to have a productive mindset that features critical thinking.

It makes more sense to utilise your time travelling, being more productive which in turn will lead to your trip being more profitable than what you may have planned it to be. So, how to make flights more productive? How to complete simple business tasks as you cruise to your business destination? Here are the top five tips to improve your productivity:

Stop multitasking

Not many individuals are as good as they think at multitasking. Yet, it remains a craze. Many are guilty of opening 10 tabs at once, continuing work on different tasks, just touching here and there. How many tabs do you open? Working with a large number of open tabs can at times be problematic. Why? It is much like handling 10 different tasks at the same time, which is almost guaranteed to make you less productive. It would be wise to rather focus on just one task/topic at a time.

Stop checking your e-mails or tweets, Facebook and WhatsApp messages while working on important tasks. Doing so will not only increase your productivity but will also decrease the number of mistakes you’re likely to make whilst working.

The moral of the story here is to not spread yourself too thinly with multitasking, but instead, focus on completing one task at a time.

Befriend automation/technology

How about setting an auto response to a mail? Better yet, set up auto reminders for tasks. You could attend a video conference while travelling by car or while you’re flying. Commercial flights have advanced and many airlines now offer Wi-Fi. If you’re travelling via private jet, you won’t have to worry as you can always ensure, before flying, that you have everything you need to conduct a conference in the air.

Pack resourcefully

Before approaching a task, you need to have the right tools to complete the work. For example, having an internet connection is essential if much of your work needs to be done online. This is especially important if you are traveling to a remote area or if your accommodation has no such facility. Also, ensure that your mobile devices are charged.

You may also need stationery, a laptop, a portable hard disk, and a portable charger. While there may be many things that you wish to travel with, you should establish which items will be needed most. In short, you should pack only the essentials. Slogging with heavy luggage through the airport may be a cause for distraction throughout your travels. So, pack the necessities and you’ll be sure to be lighter on your feet. Keeping you moving through the airport swiftly will enable you to stay focused on your important things.

Consider co-working spaces

A co-working space is a shared professional work environment wherein you can do your work more efficiently than in a coffee shop. You’re likely to feel more organised and have more control over your work in an environment like this, which is why it’s recommended. You may even be able to share ideas and get motivated to work, as you’re likely to be amongst like-minded professionals. These spaces are available in cities all around the world, which means they’re only a Google search away.

The more productive you are, the more you’re likely to profit not only yourself but your business. The secret lies in striking a balance in your work life, even when you’re travelling for business.

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