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Creating value for all: A business imperative for sustainability

In May of this year, the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) celebrated its 5th anniversary, and as a proudly pan-African organisation took this year to host a series of thought leadership platforms across various countries on this beautiful continent - the Shared Value Series, providing leadership engagement on sustainability, ESG and value creation by African business for the benefit of society and the environment.
Creating value for all: A business imperative for sustainability

For the first event, the SVAI, along with Shift Impact Africa, have partnered with Strathmore University Business School to host a leadership roundtable in Nairobi, Kenya!

CEO Connect is a long-standing thought leadership platform that exemplifies the importance of value creation, sustainability, and ESG from an African business perspective. It fosters an enriched understanding of the African narrative through shared value and contributes to a continental knowledge base and facilitates cross-sector collaborations, fostering a sustainable future.

The aim is to bring together East African business leaders to deliberate on the essential role of creating shared value – a business approach that champions sustainability and its profound impact on society and the environment.

While the first in-person CEO Connect in Kenya provides an engaging leadership platform centred on sustainability, ESG and with the theme 'Creating value for all: A business imperative for sustainability'.

In our evolving global business environment, there's an urgent need for comprehensive frameworks that guide businesses towards stakeholder capitalism, replacing the antiquated shareholder capitalism model. A single-minded focus on profit is unsustainable in the long run, as evidenced by numerous large businesses that have closed their doors in the past 24 months.

Traditional models of corporate social responsibility (CSR), citizenship, and sustainability often relegate social and environmental issues to the periphery of corporate strategy. This approach undermines both the business's potential for positive societal impact and the significance of social conditions for economic success. Contrarily, creating shared value (CSV) as a business management strategy views societal challenges as business opportunities, demonstrating the transformative power and capacity of businesses to instigate and scale social and environmental impacts.

The shared value business management concept endorses policies and operational practices that augment a company's competitiveness while concurrently improving the economic and social conditions of the communities it operates within.

Join us on Tuesday, 4 July, to hear our esteemed speakers share insights and challenges from their sustainability journeys, reflecting on the importance of creating shared value for all stakeholders.

In further affirmation of the importance of sustainability in business, a recent directive from the Nairobi Securities Exchange now mandates all listed companies to disclose their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) practices. This requirement highlights the need for developing, implementing, measuring, and reporting effective ESG strategies, making sustainability an urgent business priority.

Please register via this link, and join us for this all-important engagement to create a more inclusive society on our journey to sustainability. To be kept informed on the other shared value series events, sign up to the newsletter via this link.

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