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SA's alcohol industry pledges 40k litres of pure alcohol for sanitiser production

The SA Liquor Brandowners Association (SALBA), the Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) and Vinpro have collectively committed to donate 40,000 litres of pure alcohol for the production of sanitisers, to help fight the spread of the coronavirus in the country..

Credit: harveyandfriends via Pixabay
Credit: harveyandfriends via Pixabay
The organisations said in a joint statement that more member-companies were in consultation to approve further release of pure alcohol-free of charge, which would increase the initial donation.

"We are gravely worried about the impact that this outbreak has already had on the personal health and wellbeing of the people of our country and the world. The outbreak of Covid-19 brings with it a significant negative economic impact on what was already a very constrained economic climate in South Africa. We would like to play our role in minimising the impact on the people of SA and help to drive economic recovery into the future," the statement reads.

"Recognising the acute shortage of pure alcohol to produce hand and surface sanitisers, local pure alcohol producers have agreed to make at least 40,000 litres of 96% pure alcohol available to help meet the demand for production of alcohol-based sanitisers, which are desperately needed in hospitals and households."

The industry said its annual Easter season campaign against drinking and driving led by Aware.Org in partnership with RTMC, will integrate messaging on Covid-19 to further raise awareness.

"We strongly believe that through informed, decisive leadership, and collaboration across sectors, that we will be able to turnaround the spread and the impact of Covid-19 in our country. We are always committed to responsible commercial conduct, but more especially now when our country needs us most.

"We hereby pledge to stand with the Government and people of South Africa in a national response to the outbreak of Covid-19," the statement concluded.

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