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School red-flags hellfire Doritos

A new variety of extra-spicy Doritos crisp is so hot that it has been outlawed in the US and a school in the UK has banned its consumption, The Daily Telegraph has reported on its website...
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Teachers at George Pindar School, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, labelled the super spicy Doritos Roulette as a health and safety hazard after one pupil temporarily stopped breathing after consuming the crisps.

Doritos Roulette is not available in South Africa.

Doritos boasts on its website that the flavour will "leave you close to tears".

The school sent a letter warning parents not to pack the crisps in their children's lunch boxes, saying the snack could cause "severe distress" and could complicate existing medical conditions, The Daily Telegraph report said.

A school spokesman said: "The student had a pre-existing respiratory condition which clearly made [him] sensitive to the hot element of the chip."

One in every handful of the crisps is coated with an invisible fiery flavouring that measures 78,000 units on the Scoville heat scale.

The other crisps have a much cooler tangy cheese flavour - hence the brand's name as each bag represents a game of Russian roulette for your tastebuds.

A Doritos spokesman said: "We warn people to expect a seriously spicy experience with Doritos Roulette and we make this clear on the pack and in our adverts.

"The front of the pack states: 'Warning: Some of these chips are ultra spicy.'

"We also warn that Doritos Roulette is not recommended for young children."
Source: The Times


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