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Keep your reputation tidy with clean stores

No matter what the case may be, no dirt appeals to a customer. Dirt creates unpleasantness and can drive a business downwards. Retail is a very competitive field and every advantage counts. No matter how small the advantage, it can still make a significant difference. Positive shopping experience is about creating a conducive and inviting environment for a customer, and usually the first impression can make or break a sale.
Keep your reputation tidy with clean stores
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First impressions are what appeals to the customer, and usually it is what meets the eye. What draws the customer into a boutique is the display in the window, but what keeps the customer inside the boutique are appeal and cleanliness. They improve and enhance the visual appearance of the whole shop.

Here are some of the things you should do to keep the appearance as appealing as possible:

Windows and floors

You should strive to keep these areas clean at all times. These are the first points of contact of your business with the customer. The customer will judge your business according to these, and also will determine if it is worth staying if already inside the store.

As an added incentive for taking care of your floors, avoid unnecessary safety hazards. For example, a wet floor could cause someone to slip and break a bone, which, in turn, could potentially lead to a fine or a lawsuit. By also sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors frequently, you preserve the floors' components as dirt cannot build up and damage them. You can also add a mat to trap some of the dirt on the soles of shoes.

Restrooms and dressing rooms

Cleanliness in these areas is the cornerstone for a successful retention of customers. It is important, as an owner, to monitor these areas frequently. Restrooms can harbour many germs and dirt, and foul odour is also known to arise from such areas. No customer enjoys such odour, and it is thus the owner's responsibility to sanitize restrooms frequently. In addition to this, the SA Health and Safety Act also enforces cleanliness and good hygiene for such rooms.

Dressing rooms and restrooms should always be kept clean to prevent dirt and foul odour from building up. Clean rooms will directly impact the air quality inside the whole shop. Foul odour can linger for quite a while, and it is crucial to make sure that the shop's air quality is consistent throughout, and maintained that way. Always inspect air vents should you suspect inconsistencies. Plants in the rooms are also a sure way of creating appealing ambiance, but also improve air quality.

Cleanliness creates an inviting environment for pleasant shopping.

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