MMS - the long version

Writer/director Aryan Kaganof has embarked on a world first: He is to direct the first 35mm feature film, shot on a mobile cell phone camera.

Teaming up with producer Michelle Wheatley and Dv8/IMG Films Executive Producers Joel Phiri and Jeremy Nathan, the film is called "SMS Sugar Man".

The story is an original idea of Kaganof's, and takes place on Christmas eve, and centres on a Johannesburg pimp, who drives four of his ladies around the city. A feel good story on a dark evening, for the modern urban viewer.

"The evolution of this technology is perfect to tell this story, which uses cellphones as an integral part of the narrative. The girls are umbilically linked to each other and Sugar Man through their phones," says Kaganof.

The film will be shot in the dead of night, during December, and ready for distribution on a variety of distribution platforms in September 2006.

Ster-Kinekor, a core financier of the project, will handle the release in South Africa. Says Helen Kuhn of Ster Kinekor: "This project is at the heart of the spirit of our collaboration with Dv8. It is critical that South African filmmakers start creating within our own economic reality. We are excited about the prospects of this film."

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