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    Breco Seafoods refreshes packaging and website

    With a fresh and vibrant look, Breco Seafoods has unveiled its brand-new packaging showcasing a diverse range of irresistible seafood products, from prawns, mussels, and squid to seafood mixes, smoked trout, and a variety of crumbed and battered delights.
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    Image supplied

    The redesigned packaging, adorned with captivating colours and illustrations, is designed to inspire consumers to cook up simple, delicious, and healthy seafood meals more frequently. Each pack also includes a recipe, demonstrating how frozen seafood products can be effortlessly transformed into mouthwatering dishes, encouraging a new perspective on seafood.

    In addition to the eye-catching packaging, Breco Seafoods has launched a brand-new website with a dual purpose. Not only does it showcase its extensive range of frozen seafood products and offer countless recipe suggestions, but it also aims to transform how people approach seafood with a unique seafood school.

    This innovative online platform guides users through selecting, thawing, preparing, cooking, and storing seafood with ease. Whether you're curious about cleaning prawns, filleting a fish, or cooking juicy, tender squid, Breco’s seafood school is a valuable resource.

    The website's recipe section features enticing dishes like crumbed butterfly prawns with peanut coconut sauce, a hearty squid and chorizo stew, omelette with smoked salmon & cucumber filling, mussel meat and leek risotto, mango & crab-flavoured sticks salad, squid strip in lemon herb butter, crispy crumbed torpedo prawns with chunky green sauce, and many more. It's a treasure trove of easy and convenient daily meal ideas to awaken your inner master chef.

    Breco Seafoods has earned a strong reputation by sourcing exceptional seafood from various countries worldwide, including Vietnam, Argentina, India, and China. Join the movement and explore a new seafood experience with Breco Seafoods!

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