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#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops

In #FreshOnTheShelf, we round up some of our favourite food and beverage products that have hit the shelves recently.
#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops

Amarula Vanilla Spice

Amarula recently announced the launch of a new premium cream liqueur called Vanilla Spice. Only ethically sourced, uniquely African ingredients have been used in the new variant, which is infused with Madagascan vanilla extracts and African ginger to create a spicier, smoother and more luxuriant drink. The hint of spice found in the liqueur is combined with the subtle notes of vanilla and the exotic, natural Marula fruit for a rich and smooth taste.

According to Amarula, the latest innovation is the first of a series of extensions that "represents an unexpected, sleek, modern and exotic side of Africa".

Vanilla Spice is suited for a late night indulgence, after-dinner treat or lazy afternoons in front of a crackling fire while toasting marshmallows – it is the ideal warmer on cooler days. Enjoy on its own, poured over ice, shaken into hot drinks or in baked desserts.

Amarula Vanilla Spice is now available in leading liquor stockists.

Frost Popsicles

Frost Popsicles, creators of premium alcohol-based popsicles in South Africa, is ushering in summer with a host of new popsicle flavours, including the brand’s first non-alcoholic creations in response to fast-growing demand from the market.

The five new flavours comprise:

• Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita: Made with 100% natural peach and passion fruit flavour extracts. Providing the foundation for these bright fruity notes is the Esperanza Agave Spirit from Hope on Hopkins.

• Blood Orange Screwdriver: Inspired by the classic Screwdriver cocktail, but with a twist natural blood orange flavour extract perked up by handcrafted vodka from Hope on Hopkins.

• Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus (alcohol-free): A winner for hot summer days with its rich ruby colour and refreshing sweetness neatly balanced by the fresh acidity of grapefruit juice.

• Peach, Strawberry & Banana (alcohol-free): Made using pure fruit juice blends and packed with nutritional benefits; it’s a healthy frozen treat.

• Vanilla Coffee (alcohol-free): Made using milk powder, a pure Madagascan vanilla extract and a gourmet coffee blend from Avanti Coffee; it's likened to an iced coffee.
#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops

The entire Frost Popsicles range is made from all-natural ingredients, is low in calories and contains no artificial flavourants, colourants or sweeteners. And with the exception of the Vanilla Coffee Popsicle, all other Frost Popsicles are dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

The full range of Frost Popsicles is available in select, existing Frost stockists in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, while the new alcohol-free Popsicles will also be available as single-flavour, four-pack cartons in select supermarkets and health stores, including Wellness Warehouse.

Checkers Foreign Ground blends

Checkers has expanded its private label coffee collection with the introduction of three new coffee blends to its Foreign Ground range.
#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops
#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops
#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops

The blends marry coffee beans from different origins to enhance the best qualities of each and are available in the following three flavours:

• Bravo Blend: with exquisite coffee beans from Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia, this blend will delight your senses with full-bodied flavour and hints of ripe berries.

• Romeo Blend: perfect for the early bird who needs a dark roast to kick-start the day, it’s rich with chocolaty notes and made using coffee beans from Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil.

• Sierra Blend: the secret behind this new blend - a rich, smooth and balanced brew with sweet, zesty and fruity notes - are the expertly selected beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Honduras.

Laager Rooibos

South African Rooibos brand Laager has launched two new flavoured Rooibos-based tea products.

• Mint Flavoured Rooibos and Chamomile Tea: Combining the best of Rooibos with the soothing benefits of Chamomile, this blend ideal to help one relax and unwind.

• Cranberry & Wild Cherry flavoured Rooibos: A juicy burst of berry flavours thst are a delight for the senses, whether served warm or as an iced tea.
#FreshOnTheShelf: Spicy Amarula, Checkers coffee, Laager Rooibos and Frost Pops

These two new flavours join the existing range that includes pure Green Rooibos and a Citrus & Ginger Flavoured option.

Laager Rooibos is available in packs of 20 teabags in leading retail stores nationwide at a recommended selling price of R26.99.

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