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Popular hybrid foods traumatise the tastebuds

Once, in a more innocent time, a doughnut was a doughnut and a croissant a croissant.
A chocolate-filled cronut<br>© marti sans –
A chocolate-filled cronut
© marti sans –
But ever since pastry whiz Dominique Ansell introduced the two last year and called their offspring a cronut, hybrid foods have been all the rage.

Here, we look at some of the maddest inventions to have caught our eye - and traumatised our tastebuds - this year.

Waffle taco: It does not sound very appetising, but the internet went almost as crazy for Taco Bell's eccentric breakfast offering this year as it did for Kim Kardashian's racy Paper Magazine photoshoot.

Essentially all your favourite breakfast foods but crammed into a waffle-y shell, the "waffle taco" was launched in March and is now flying off the shelves - or should that be out of the deep fat fryers?

Fondue burger: The poor burger has been subjected to some horrendous treatment this year.

The prize for the weirdest iteration must go to Burger King Japan's recently announced fondue burger, a standard burger which is served alongside a little tub of cheese for diners to dip into. Just to ramp the calorie content a little more, you see.

Dorito pizza: Why anyone would want a pizza with nachos baked into the crust is beyond us.

Pizza Hut Australia's latest innovation is not available anywhere else yet, though we reckon it can only be so long before a group of inebriated students get creative with their Doritos.

Christmas dinner hot dog: This adventurous dish was invented by Manchester's Splendid Sausage Company and is pretty much what it says on the tin - all the traditional ingredients of your Christmas dinner stuffed with a sausage inside a roll.

The cookie shot: The man behind the Cronut, Ansel, debuted another Frankenstein creation this year.

The Cookie Shot is vanilla-flavoured milk in a shot glass that is actually made from chocolate chip cookies. Calorific it may be, but at least it saves on washing up.

Ramen noodle burger: If fondue burgers do not float your boat, how about a burger where the buns are made from fried noodles?

The ramen burger made its debut in Brooklyn in the US, but variations of inventor Keizo Shimamoto's creation have been appearing all over since.

The Wonut: The owner of Waffles Cafe in Chicago, US, started selling his answer to the Big Apple's cronut in April - waffles that are then deep-fried and glazed with icing and sprinkles. Sales rocketed - as, presumably, did regular customers' waistlines.

Source: Herald via I-Net Bridge


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