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The One Show 2020 Global Creative Rankings revealed

The One Club for Creativity has announced its The One Show Global Creative Rankings for 2020.
The One Show 2020 Global Creative Rankings revealed

Led by the outstanding awards performance of “Moldy Whopper” for Burger King, David Miami landed the top agency position in the world in The One Show 2020 Global Creative Rankings, revealed today by The One Club for Creativity.

“Based on results of this year’s largest global awards program, The One Show 2020 Global Rankings are the definitive measure for global creative excellence,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity.

He added:

In a year when global awards like Cannes and others decided to cancel their shows, we were driven to uphold our nonprofit mission to support the creative community and elevate the best work in the world. The industry will use this ranking as the global measure for creative excellence, as decided by a jury of more than 200 industry leaders.
The One Show 2020 Global Creative Rankings are determined by the cumulative point totals of Pencils and Merits won. Rankings can be sorted by agency, client/brand, in-house agency, network, holding company, creative, highest-ranking work, country and region.

The complete rankings can be viewed here, highlights include:

The One Show Global Top 20 Agency Rankings:

  1. David Miami
  2. McCann New York
  3. INGO Stockholm
  4. Publicis Bucharest
  5. Scholz & Friends Berlin
  6. FCB Canada Toronto
  7. FCB Chicago
  8. BBDO New York
  9. Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco
  10. TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles
  11. BBDO Toronto
  12. Droga5 New York
  13. FCB/SIX Toronto
  14. David Madrid
  15. FCBX Chicago
  16. Arnold Worldwide Boston
  17. Jung von Matt Hamburg
  18. Cheil Hong Kong
  19. BETC Paris
  20. McCann Tel Aviv

The One Show 2020 Global Top 10 Client/Brand Rankings

  1. Burger King
  2. Microsoft
  3. The Female Company
  4. Apple
  5. Google AL/Canadian Down Syndrome
  6. Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
  7. Regent Park School of Music
  8. Black & Abroad
  9. Ikea
  10. March For Our Lives

The One Show 2020 Global Top 10 Production Company Rankings

  1. Smuggler
  2. Framestore
  3. Pulse Films
  4. The Mill
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Revolver/Will O’Rourke
  7. Unit9
  8. Markenfilm
  9. a52
  10. Work Editorial

The One Show 2020 Global Top 10 In-House Agency Rankings

  1. Spotify In-House New York
  2. Chobani New York
  3. The Walt Disney Company Latin America-National Geographic São Paulo
  4. BBC Creative London
  5. R+D Productions Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  6. draftLine New York
  7. The New York Times New York
  8. Disney Yellow Shoes Orlando
  9. Google Creative Lab New York
  10. RT Moscow

The One Show 2020 Global Top 10 Network Rankings

  1. Ogilvy
  2. FCB Global
  3. McCann Worldgroup
  4. BBDO Worldwide
  5. TBWA Worldwide
  6. Commarco
  7. DDB Worldwide
  8. Accenture Interactive
  9. DAS
  10. Dentsu

The One Show 2020 Global Top 10 Holding Company Rankings

  1. Interpublic Group
  2. WPP
  3. Omnicom Group
  4. Publicis Groupe
  5. Accenture
  6. Havas
  7. Dentsu Group
  8. Cheil Worldwide
  9. MDC Partners
  10. Hakuhodo DY Holdings

The One Show 2020 Global Creative Rankings

  1. Fred Levron, FCB Global
  2. Pancho Cassis, David
  3. Sergio Takahata, David Miami
  4. Bjorn Stahl, INGO Stockholm; Ivan Montebello, Publicis Madrid; Jorg Riommi, Publicis Bucharest; Magnus Ivansson, INGO Stockholm; Max Hultberg, INGO Stockholm (tied)

Eight Creatives tied at #9.

The One Show 2020 Highest Ranked Work

  1. “Moldy Whopper” for Burger King by INGO Stockholm with David Miami and Publicis Bucharest
  2. “The Tampon Book: a book against tax discrimination” for The Female Company by Scholz & Friends Berlin
  3. “Project Understood” for Google AI/Canadian Down Syndrome by FCB Canada Toronto
  4. “Changing the Game” for Microsoft by McCann New York
  5. “Parkscapes” for Regent Park School of Music by BBDO Toronto with Flare BBDO Toronto
  6. “Go Back to Africa” for Black & Abroad by FCB/Six Toronto
  7. “Stevenage Challenge” for Burger King by David Miami with David Madrid
  8. “Bounce” for Apple by TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles
  9. “Generation Lockdown” for March For Our Lives by McCann New York
  10. “Lessons in Herstory” for Daughters of the Evolution by Goodby Silverstein & Partners with GS&P Social, both San Francisco

The One Show 2020 Top 10 Country Rankings

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. Sweden
  5. Romania
  6. United Kingdom
  7. France
  8. Brazil, China (tied)
  9. Japan

The One Show 2020 Region Rankings

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Asia Pacific
  4. Latin America
  5. Middle East & Africa

A total of 19,688 pieces from 71 countries were entered into The One Show 2020. year’s jury upheld the show’s long-standing high standards as one of the industry’s most difficult honours to win, awarding just 552 Pencils: 171 Golds, 169 Silver and 213 Bronze.

The One Club awards shows each have their distinct focus. The One Show judges focus on creativity of ideas and quality of execution, while juries for the ADC Annual Awards, now entering its 100th year, maintain their long-running concentration as the champion for craft, design and innovation.

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