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#OneShow2017: Reflections with Xolisa Dyeshana

I chatted to SA's own Xolisa Dyeshana, CCO at Joe Public and member of the One Club's international board of directors, post-Creative Week for his One Show reflections.
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Dyeshana is part of Joe Public’s board, has been at the agency for over a decade, and was recently promoted from the role of executive creative director to chief creative officer.

He has also joined the international board of the One Club, a collective dedicated to elevating creative work across the global industry.


Joe Public ECD Xolisa Dyeshana
Dyeshana brings SA perspective to The One Club

Recently appointed to The One Club board, Joe Public's executive creative director Xolisa Dyeshana shares what he aims to contribute to the organisation...

Pasqua HeardBy Pasqua Heard 24 Jan 2017

Here, Dyeshana shares a few of his favourite moments from the One Show Creative week of "learning with and from the world's creative best," recently held in New York, particularly when it came to reception of SA’s work, ideas and input…

BizcommunityLet’s start with the ‘work’ aspect – explain your role at the One Show.

This was my first time attending Creative Week. Creative Week is also when we have our international board meeting, so I attended both.


Jimmy Smith, who serves as chairman, CEO and CCO of Amusement Park Entertainment and was one of the 2015 One Show Diversity Bootcamp’s international lecturers/mentors in South Africa.
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Leigh AndrewsBy Leigh Andrews 6 May 2016

BizcommunityList a few of the key trends that came up from the summits/workshop sessions and the current global state of creativity.

A few of the key trends, and I’ve seen this over the past couple of years, relate to the fact that the more technology advances, the more the challenge becomes the human connection, not just the clever the idea. So it’s that bridging of humanity and technology.

The second thing I’m seeing a lot more of, is that so many of the brands that are truly making an impact at award-show level seem to be brands that a) create work that is mindful of the zeitgeist of the area they are created in, and b) the work has a purpose in its response to that zeitgeist. So the stuff that really cuts through is the stuff that marries humanity with technology, but it’s also the stuff that has a bigger purpose than just the crassness of selling a product. That’s the function of a world where people are so weary of advertising and so weary of brands that whatever you put out has to make you want to engage with it as opposed to just being something shoved down your throat.

Bizcommunity That makes sense. There’s just so much out there these days that to stand out you have to really resonate with people and show that humanity and that you care about taking things further, it’s not just about pushing product. Moving on to the ‘fun’ factor then, talk us through the unplanned aspects of the week – networking with industry colleagues, celebrating SA’s wins.

Images supplied.
Images supplied.

It’s always fun to do international shows because you know that the ‘Saffers’ will always find each other. There’s a spirit of camaraderie where it doesn’t really matter who wins, as long as one of us does – that’s such a beautiful thing that brings our local industry people together. That was great to see on the awards nights.


Ross Chowles.
#OneShow2017: Reflections with Ross Chowles

One of the biggest drawcards to this year's One Show Creative week was the Educators' summit workshop sessions. Our very own Ross Chowles presented one of these. I chatted to him post-Creative Week for his One Show reflections...

Leigh AndrewsBy Leigh Andrews 22 May 2017

You can also never place a price on all the interaction with the other creatives from around the world. America’s one of the top countries and so many of the guys we were with are at the top of the creative game.

Images supplied.
Images supplied.

Also, there’s lots of respect for us, and our opinion matters. Whether it’s on a work, judging or board level – we are taken seriously and there is a hunger to see and hear how we are dealing with our challenges down here.

BizcommunityWhat was your favourite winning work and what make it stand out from the clutter?

It was a piece called ‘Dream’ by DDB New York, for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. It was just one of those pieces that was so beautifully made, with such a powerful, powerful message.

The animation and the execution was perfect, the song that they used as the soundtrack was amazing – it was one of those pieces that every time it came on the screen and was announced as having won an award, you could hear a pin drop in the room.

Lots to soak up and learn from. Visit our One Show special section for the latest updates!

About Leigh Andrews

Leigh Andrews AKA the #MilkshakeQueen, is former Editor-in-Chief: Marketing & Media at, with a passion for issues of diversity, inclusion and equality, and of course, gourmet food and drinks! She can be reached on Twitter at @Leigh_Andrews.
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