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Equinity launches in Johannesburg

On 10 November, the Turffontein Racecourse will host the first ever SA Equinity night-time horseracing event. Equinity radicalises both horseracing and outdoor performance, introducing a new audience to the sport and turning the sport into an attractive spectacle.

The show inverts every element of the traditional horserace experience, as guests become participants, rather than mere spectators. Visitors can take part in themes, interact through dress-up, and discover new elements to the evening throughout the Equinity village.

Visitors may also anticipate unexpected features; acts falling from the sky; performance and sets purpose-built to create a mystical world; and massive audio-visual productions for the post main race finale.

Equinity launches in Johannesburg

CEO Angus Campbell, says, “We believe we can surprise and create awe through what we do. We take people on an emotional journey using music, entertainment, cuisine, performance, and art. And we do this at a place you would least expect – under the stars at a night-time horseracing event. We love showing people the beauty and power of the horses and including our audiences in all the aspects of racing through the use of innovative audio-visual tools and our Reality Racing platform.”

Using the powerful energy of thoroughbred race horses as a backdrop, each Equinity evening begins with a fine-dining experience and ends in celebration.

Ticket details

Illuminessence, the first equinity production in South Africa takes place on 10 November 2016 at Turffontein Racecourse. Packages are R2,200 per person and include a gourmet meal, wine and malt and the full Equinity show experience.

For hospitality queries and bookings, please contact Athena az.oc.ytiniuqe@anehta or call (073) 257 8178.

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