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WCFA elects six new members to expand its global executive board

The World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) has elected six new members to expand its global executive board to ten members from around the world.
Solly Moeng.
Solly Moeng.

The expanded global executive board is tasked with leading the association through the next exciting phase of its global and programmatic expansion as most world economies begin to emerge from various levels of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Led by well-known international PR expert and author, Maxim Behar (Bulgaria), who takes on a fresh 3-year mandate as president, the new board boasts three vice-presidents: Solly Moeng (South Africa), Ganesh Chandrasekaran (India), and Jon-Hans Coetzer (Portugal).

Newly accepted board members are Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri (Malaysia), Clāra Ly-Le (Vietnam), Mina Nazari (Iran), Professor Jacqueline Strayer (USA), Saurabh Uboweja (India) and Cesare Valli (Italy).

Mumbai, India, based Yogesh Joshi will act as an external controller on key executive board matters.

“I am delighted to have been re-elected to serve a further three-year term on this august professional communication body as one of three vice-presidents”, said Solly Moeng.

We have come a long way since the establishment of the World Communication Forum Association and have touched many professional lives and have, in return, been touched by them. Our task has become greater as we navigate a new era, with many economies trying to emerge from various levels of lockdowns that were unleashed by the advent of Covid-19, the global health pandemic.
“In this new era, ‘Digital’ and ‘Impact Branding’ will be king and queen, as we help brand communicators integrate new tools and the need to enlarge brand communications to inter-actively target broader stakeholder and environmental issues, aligned with the need to realise the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better world - beyond the traditional narrow shareholder value,”¬†concluded Moeng.
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