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Can employees refuse to come to work for fear of the pandemic?

While employers are mandated to try ensure their employees health and safety in the workplace during the pandemic, what happens if a worker refuses to return...?

By George Herbst 25 Feb 2021

The Hawthorne Effect and the future leadership attributes required

In the workplace, the Hawthorne Effect can explain how the more attention an employee receives from managers, coworkers, and customers, the higher the level of effort and employee productivity. Essentially, productivity increases when employees believe that they are valued...

By Lucia Mabasa, Issued by Pinpoint One Human Resources 24 Feb 2021

P&G reaffirms commitment to drive gender equality in Africa

P&G announced new declarations aimed to propel gender equality across Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East at its third #WeSeeEqual summit for the region...

22 Feb 2021

Steps to ensure Covid-19 compliance in the workplace

In a bid to minimise the rate of infection, the Covid-19 regulations places a greater responsibility on workplace compliance with fines being touted for transgressors...

19 Feb 2021

Suburban migration will drive the 'hybrid' way of working in South Africa

Forced lockdowns translating into remote working from home has put the spotlight on how the virus is changing the way we work. Many businesses are seeing the opportunity to reduce costs on office premises during this challenging time...

Issued by GO Content Lab 19 Feb 2021

Employee wellness is changing - 3 ways to keep up

Businesses are only as healthy as the people that run them. And many of us are ailing...

By Donna Kimmel 15 Feb 2021

Brené Brown's Dare to Lead online series invites you to build courage for these times of uncertainty

Julia Kerr Henkel, MD of Lumminos Coaching and a certified Dare to Lead facilitator, trained by Brené Brown, is hosting a series of Dare to Lead trainings in March, May and July this year...

Issued by Lumminos 11 Feb 2021

The onus of OHS for temporary employees is on... who?

According to all Acts that pertain to employment, Temporary Employment Service providers are regarded as the employer of any TES worker placed within a given organisation. However, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the TES provider is not regarded as the employer...

By Natashia Barnabas 8 Feb 2021

What is psychological safety and why is it important in the workplace?

You may have made it through 2020 as a successful team leader, despite all the challenges, but how do you know if your team is feeling safe and engaged as we forge ahead into another trying year?..

By Julia Kerr Henkel, Issued by Lumminos 2 Feb 2021

#BizTrends2021: How Gen Z is changing the face of leadership

According to Boniswa Pezisa, the youngest generation currently joining the workforce - Gen Z - should be made a part of the decision-making process...

By Shan Radcliffe 1 Feb 2021

How one South African employer helped its staff get healthier and why it's worth doing

The workplace can make a big contribution to reducing their employees' risk of non-communicable diseases through relatively inexpensive adjustments to the work environment...

By Darcelle Schouw and Bob Mash 29 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: 4 principles to embrace to become an adaptive leader

2020 has shown us so many real qualities about leadership. The one that will be most prominent in 2021 and beyond will be the role of the 'adaptive leader'...

By Anja van Beek 25 Jan 2021

Making a hospital space feel psychologically safer helped South African health workers

In a busy South African hospital recently, teams of nurses and doctors were given an unusual task. They had to figure out who could build the tallest freestanding structure out of nothing but spaghetti sticks and then balance a marshmallow on top. They had 20 minutes to work it out...

By Hamieda Parker 15 Jan 2021

5 key trends shaping the post-pandemic workplace

Most workers are looking forward to returning to the office, post-pandemic, with many saying they'd prefer to spend the majority of their work-week there to meet face-to-face, socialise, brainstorm, and connect with each other again...

13 Jan 2021

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