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Revised Covid-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace advises on employee vaccine protocol

A revised Covid-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace sets out the regulations on vaccines and guidelines for employers considering mandatory vaccinations of employees...

By Kate Collier, Shane Johnson and Heather Mudau 14 Jun 2021

OHSA amendments apply to both employers and the self-employed

The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill has just been published for public comment, and will apply not just to employers, but self-employed people too...

7 Jun 2021

Ladies, if the shoe doesn't fit... demand female-specific safety footwear

The increase of women workers in more physical industries shines a spotlight on the need for female-specific safety gear, especially footwear. The typical approach of providing 'unisex' Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) does not adequately serve most women...

By Predahni Naidoo 3 Jun 2021

6 tips to prevent your WFH office from becoming a petri dish

The shift to remote work may give the impression we are more in control of our environment and particularly our health - but it's entirely likely our work-from-home habits are less than sanitary...

2 Jun 2021

4IR: Even with machines, humans will always be irreplaceable

Many think that the fourth industrial revolution is in the process of removing the human aspect of the working environment. This is not the case, and here's why...

By Insaaf Daniels 31 May 2021

Unlimited paid leave - PaySpace employees' new perk

The premise is simple - get your work done and take unlimited paid time off. That is one of the perks local cloud-based payroll and human capital management software solutions company, PaySpace, is offering to its employees...

By Johannes Masiteng 20 May 2021

How to onboard and recruit during a pandemic

People. They are the organisation's most important resource. The right people will drive the energy of the company, help build and maintain a positive culture, and ignite intrapreneurship and innovation...

By Nicol Myburgh 19 May 2021

Did you hear? We really miss office gossip

Gossip, whispered conversation, speculation and half truths that once flowed through the workplace have all but vanished in our new network of home offices...

By Linda Trim 17 May 2021

5 (wellness-friendly) habits of a successful change facilitator

Francois Kriel, director at Kriel & Co, outlines five character traits as essential building blocks when facilitating change....

By Francois Kriel, Issued by Kriel & Co 10 May 2021

Hearing loss is a neglected hazard for miners in South Africa

South Africa's mining industry has long been an important part of the country's economy...

By Nomfundo Moroe 10 May 2021

Covid-19 crisis forces digital innovation

Through its Wyzetalk-developed Engage platform, Anglo American was able to share targeted information at the individual level, communicating with workers via their mobile phones...

Issued by Wyzetalk 4 May 2021

Ethics and flexible working

According to a 2021 World Economic forum survey (Buchholz, 2021), 65% of previously office-based employees wish to continue with remote working, post-pandemic. If we survey employers, 24% responded that they wanted employees back in the physical workplace (Smith, 2021).

By Beverley Bartlett, Issued by Milpark Education 4 May 2021

To build or to buy: How savvy employers grow talent

Talent management must find the right balance between buying skills and building talent to ensure maximum business value, Sagea's Cathy Sims shares her views...

Issued by Sagea 4 May 2021

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