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Ghana's farmers aren't all seeing the fruits of a Green Revolution

Realities on the ground tell a different story from the claim that a Green Revolution ensures food security and increased income for smallholder farmers in Ghana...

17 Jun 2021

How research, collaboration are contributing to food security in Africa

Professor of Plant Breeding Maryke Labuschagne is working with a group of more than 20 African PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to improve the...

14 Jun 2021

Big irrigation projects in Africa have failed to deliver. What's needed next

In 1938, French colonial authorities in what is today Mali started on an ambitious infrastructure plan to transform the desert into an area of agricultural production...

By Tom Higginbottom, Roshan Adhikari and Timothy Foster 10 Jun 2021

Informal food markets: What it takes to make them safer

When it comes to food safety solutions, models which enforce bans and regulations don't fit...

By Silvia Alonso Alvarez, Delia Grace and Hung Nguyen-Viet 4 Jun 2021

Pests on the march as climate change fans spread of crop destroyers

Ravenous pests are on the march to colder regions as climate change lures crop eaters to new territories, threatening jobs and exacerbating world hunger, the United Nations said on Wednesday...

By Nita Bhalla 3 Jun 2021

Botswana suspends some SA animal, meat imports

Botswana said on Monday it had banned imports of cloven-hoofed animals and their fresh products from South Africa after an outbreak of foot and mouth disease was detected in the neighbouring country...

By Brian Benza 1 Jun 2021

FMD outbreak detected in KwaZulu-Natal

According to a media release by the Minister of Agriculture (DALRRD), another outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), has, this time, appeared near Mtubatuba in KwaZulu-Natal.

31 May 2021

Farmers, Ferraris and harvesting good investments in Africa

Roux Wildenboer, sector head: agriculture at Absa Group shares his thoughts regarding how the agri sector has been a shining light for the continent and the investor community, highlighting the importance of continued investment into infrastructure development...

By Roux Wildenboer 31 May 2021

The 2021 World Food Prize recognises that fish are key for reducing hunger and malnutrition

Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, is the winner of the 2021 World Food Prize for her work identifying small fish as valuable nutrition sources for developing countries...

By Ben Belton 26 May 2021

Brown locusts have survived a long drought in South Africa - here's how

Eggs can remain in the soil for several years with the embryos waiting to receive sufficient moisture to complete development. This results in synchronised hatching when there's sufficient rain...

By Frances Duncan 19 May 2021

Biosecurity measures can reduce the risk of avian influenza in farmer flocks

South Africa is on high alert with the Avian Influenza outbreaks. Implementing strict biosecurity measures can reduce the spread of this devastating virus through stringent action...

17 May 2021

Nine in 10 farmers still struggling with lockdown

An online emerging farmers' summit has revealed that, despite overall favourable agricultural and weather conditions, including good rainfall, 87% of small growers in South Africa have not managed to recover from last year's hard lockdown...

13 May 2021

Farming hygiene practices can help protect agricultural value chain

Farming hygiene practices can help protect agricultural value chain

13 May 2021

What SA agriculture needs from international trade

Our agricultural industry is not only crucial for ensuring food security, but it is also the main source of livelihoods on our content. But, despite its potential to ensure food security for a growing population, Africa still has half of all the people in the world that face the challenge of food insecurity...

By Antonie Delport 12 May 2021

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