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Inoxico enables sustainable business growth

The Vumela Fund is excited to announce an equity investment into Inoxico, enabling the company to continue establishing itself as a commercial credit risk tech provider...

Issued by Edge Growth 23 Feb 2021

Customers embrace 'intelligent friction' in fight against online fraud

Entersekt CEO Schalk Nolte looks at how involving the customer through 'intelligent friction' can stymie the efforts of fraudsters...

Issued by Entersekt 22 Feb 2021

5 trends shaping the local advice scene

While we all knew that we were entering 2021 with the battle against Covid-19 far from over, there were likely a number of people (myself included) who woke up on 1 January, with a sense of hope that there were less bumpy times ahead...

By Tamryn Lamb 19 Feb 2021

Why more companies are offering employees bespoke risk and retirement benefits

In order to attract and retain top talent, companies are getting more creative with their employee benefits...

By Paula Walker 18 Feb 2021

Financial services and digital transformation. Is it happening fast enough?

The financial services industry is no exception to the pandemic-driven need to transform to high-quality digital experiences to customers, employees, and partners almost overnight...

By Brent Haumann 17 Feb 2021

Are cryptocurrencies the top-performing asset class of the decade or the world's greatest bubble?

In the early 1990s, when the internet was still in its infancy, there was some hesitation in adopting this new and unfamiliar technology with limited use in our personal and work lives...

By Sean Sanders 11 Feb 2021

How much are you worth?

While we may use various ways to see what our value is according to our relevance to things or other people, there are statistics that show just how much a value of a life costs in South Africa...

Issued by MiWayLife 2 Feb 2021

It just makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your will

With life speeding up and the proliferation of the internet into our lives, we all got smart and figured out that life cover is just a commodity and can be bought in minutes online. I mean, who has time for a consultation these days? It's only life cover (sarcasm intended)...

By Alex Simeonides, Issued by Capital Legacy 1 Feb 2021

South African climate finance report tracks R62.2bn in annual climate finance

A recent South African Climate Finance Landscape report published by GreenCape and The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship has tracked R62.2bn in annual climate finance invested in SA for 2017 and 2018...

Issued by GreenCape 29 Jan 2021

Small habits that can make a big impact on your finances in 2021

Changing behaviour is never easy. However, implementing good financial habits can create new behaviours, which, in turn, can secure our financial future and enhance our lives...

Issued by Payflex 29 Jan 2021

Corporates, do not be caught out by IFRS 17

There is a common misconception that the International Financial Reporting Standards 17 (IFRS17): Insurance Contracts accounting standard applies exclusively to insurers...

By Dewald van den Berg 28 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: 3 big issues demanding legal attention this year

Three broad themes emerging in South Africa in 2021, which will require extensive input from the legal profession, are: changes to the economy and regulation prompted by Covid-19; moves by government and the private sector to stimulate economic recovery; and a greater focus on corporate responsibility and consumer protection...

By Jonathan Veeran, Nozipho Mngomezulu and Burton Phillips 19 Jan 2021

Human fallibility remains the weakest link in cybersecurity

If the South African financial industry can learn one thing from Experian's 2020 data breach, it is this: human fallibility is still the weakest link in the fight against cyberattacks...

By Yash Pillay 19 Jan 2021

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