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A new vaccine is being tested in Cape Town: Here's why it's different

University of Cape Town (UCT) researchers are expected to start a phase one clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate, hAd5 T-cell, later this month...

By Michael Cherry 19 Feb 2021

South Africa's Dis-Chem sales rise on preventative healthcare demand

South Africa's Dis-Chem Pharmacies said on Wednesday group revenue rose 12.1% for a 22-week period to 2 February, boosted by consumer demand for preventative medicine...

17 Feb 2021

Explainer: how South Africa regulates medicines and vaccines

National medicines regulatory authorities are gatekeepers that protect the public from unnecessary harm from health products. They do so in the best tradition of the injunction to "do no harm"...

By Andy Gray 11 Feb 2021

South Africa didn't take advantage of its role in Covid-19 vaccine trials: why it should have

Covid-19 vaccine supplies are available in various parts of the world. But it's clear that distribution is not symmetrical...

By Keymanthri Moodley & Theresa Rossouw 10 Feb 2021

Simple, effective and secure pharmaceutical labelling

Protecting against counterfeiting and warning of tampering or incorrect storage is essential for pharmaceutical products. Add to this increased legislation and consumer demand for information and pharmaceutical manufacturers have many packaging challenges to contend with...

Issued by Pyrotec 3 Feb 2021

Access and affordability: South African launch of critical medications drives equitable access

In putting healthcare in South Africa under the microscope, Covid-19 has exposed many weaknesses inherent in the country's fractured socio-economic environment...

By Paul Miller, Issued by Cipla 2 Feb 2021

Veterinary expert weighs in on Ivermectin debate

Since Ivermectin took centre stage as a potential treatment for Covid-19, several questions have been raised around whether a cattle drug should be used on people...

By Vinny Naidoo 29 Jan 2021

Sahpra allows controlled use of Ivermectin for Covid-19

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) has given the green light for the controlled use of Ivermectin, a veterinary parasitic drug, for Covid-19 infection management in humans...

28 Jan 2021

Vaccine production in South Africa: how an industry in its infancy can be developed

The issue of vaccine production has become a topic of hot debate following the approval of treatments for Covid-19. In South Africa angry exchanges have been spurred by the country's lagging access to Covid-19 vaccines...

By Jeffrey Dorfman & Frank Kirstein 21 Jan 2021

Distell and Invenfin buy 40% stake in cannabis wellness brand Rethink

Distell and Invenfin have entered into a partnership with Releaf Pharmaceuticals to share ownership in South African cannabis wellness brand Rethink...

20 Jan 2021

Some key questions answered on Covid-19 vaccines for African countries

Vaccines for Covid-19 are generating a lot of talk. To shed some light on which vaccines are available for countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and how the process will work...

By Ina Skosana & Ozayr Patel 19 Jan 2021

Ivermectin and Covid-19: Why it's promising but why we need to be cautious

There is a clamour by some people for ivermectin to be approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) to treat Covid-19...

By Rufaro Samanga 15 Jan 2021

Dummy's guide to how trade rules affect access to Covid-19 vaccines

The race is on to secure vaccines that will protect people from Covid-19. But it's already become apparent that there is gross inequality playing out in the procurement and distribution of the new drugs...

By Caroline Southey 11 Jan 2021

Vaccine rollout: Here is where South Africa stands

Only a massive global rollout of an effective vaccine can end the Covid-19 pandemic in the short term. The vaccine is being rolled out in the United Kingdom and United States...

By James Stent 22 Dec 2020

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