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The Customer Experience (CX) Mastery™ Program I and II

Introducing Customer Experience (CX) Mastery I and II – a comprehensive program to empower CX professionals like you.

The CX Mastery I and II program modules align with the Customer Experience Professional’s Association (CXPA) defined core competencies that a CX professional should have a nd enable you to prepare to be certified!

Imagine a future where you're not just part of the Customer Experience (CX) advantage, but you're leading it. A future where "impostor syndrome" and uncertainty are replaced with confidence and clarity.

If you've ever felt hindered by:

  • Doubting your incredible capabilities,
  • A gap in your CX competencies,
  • A lack of recognition for the value you bring,
  • Restricted access to transformative methodologies and tools,
  • Uncertainty about which initiatives will deliver substantial impact,
  • Know that these challenges, while real, are not insurmountable.

We would love to help elevate your career with our flagship CX Mastery I and II program designed just for you to fast-track your progress and spare you the rookie mistakes we made early on in our journey!

CX Mastery I (15-19 April 2024):
Lay the foundation of your CX expertise.

Join us for an immersive 5-day journey to:

  • Craft a winning CX strategy blueprint,
  • Cultivate a client-centric culture,
  • Deepen your customer understanding,
  • Master customer journey mapping,
  • Activate your customer journey insights.

Beyond the modules, become part of the CX Mastery Tribe—a community where wisdom is shared, support is abundant, and your CX journey is never a solitary one.

CX Mastery II (20-24 May 2024 ):
Ready to ascend to CX leadership?

Join us for an immersive 5-day journey to:

  • Unleash the CX leader within,
  • Build a triumphant CX team,
  • Design impactful employee experiences,
  • Navigate CX metrics, measurements, and ROI,
  • Drive CX change and activation.

Enroll in both CX Mastery I and II to not only elevate your skills but also enjoy a special pricing advantage.

This is more than a course—it's your pathway to becoming a vanguard in the CX domain.

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Date: 15 April 2024 to 24 May 2024
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Online Zoom

Contact: Lelanie Crafford
Company name: BrandLove
Telephone number: +27823899618
Email address moc.labolgevoldnarb@einalel

Advance your career with CXPA-approved Customer Experience Mastery Program. Prepare for your CXPA certification.
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