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SANBS now a digital blood donation system to attract youth and improve experience

Bidvest Mobility, a leader in the mobile computing industry, has played a pivotal role in revolutionising the blood donation process for the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). Their expertise and technical prowess have enabled the SANBS to transition seamlessly into a fully digitised blood donation system, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of this critical service.
SANBS now a digital blood donation system to attract youth and improve experience

Simon Grisdale, managing executive of Bidvest Mobility, commented on the recent initiative: “After an intensive consultative period to understand SANBS’ requirements, our team gathered the necessary technical specifications for all devices to ensure optimal performance and smooth integration. Subsequently, we provisioned, staged and executed the swift deployment of mobile devices across 67 fixed donor centres, as well as supporting 96 mobile teams. Within a four-week period, we showcased our commitment to excellence. A significant suite of 1251 devices was adeptly deployed, comprising 694 Zebra ET45s Rugged Tablets and 551 Zebra TC15 Mobile Devices.'"

The Zebra ET45s Rugged Tablets are robust and versatile, designed to withstand challenging environments, making them ideal for SANBS’ mobile teams working in diverse conditions. Their long battery life, high-resolution cameras, and enterprise-class scanning capabilities ensure that donor information is captured efficiently and accurately.

“On the other hand, the Zebra TC15 Mobile Devices are compact, durable, and user-friendly, equipped with advanced scanning and data capture technology. These devices are integral to streamlining the blood donation process, from donor registration to data management," added Grisdale.

SANBS now a digital blood donation system to attract youth and improve experience

“Our collaboration with Zebra Technologies has been instrumental in equipping the SANBS with tools that are not just technologically advanced, but are also tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the blood donation ecosystem," concluded Grisdale.

Reflecting on this undertaking, Jeremy du Plessis, Bidvest Mobility’s national customer service manager, said: "The journey we embarked upon was not just a testament to our technical capabilities, but also a reflection of our team's dedication and synergy. Each member of our team demonstrated remarkable commitment, working collectively to meet stringent deadlines without compromising the quality of the rollout. Their unwavering determination ensured that we not only respected the timelines set forth but also upheld our high standards."

Siemi Prithvi-Raj, executive for transfusion donor services and marketing, underscored the significance of this digital transformation: "At SANBS, we recognise the imperative need to integrate cutting-edge technology to both engage and resonate with a new generation of donors. The digitalisation initiative is more than a technological upgrade; it's a reinvigoration of the donor experience."

In a bid to streamline management and ensure operational coherence, Bidvest Mobility has implemented SOTI — a sophisticated solution providing a comprehensive, live overview of all devices deployed across the country. This strategic move empowers SANBS management with the ease of overseeing device functionality, enhancing responsiveness and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

The South African National Blood Service's digital leap is a strategic move aimed at refining operational efficiencies while also appealing to the younger demographic to expand the blood donor pool.

Ravi Reddy, CEO of SANBS, echoed this sentiment, placing particular emphasis on the digital medical questionnaire as a landmark step towards achieving a paperless organisation. "Innovation is at the heart of SANBS' ethos. Our operational processes are evolving to be as advanced as the medical technology we deploy," he stated. The collaboration between SANBS and Bidvest Mobility demonstrates how strategic partnerships, coupled with technological advancements, can revolutionise public health services.

Together, they are not only enhancing the blood donation experience but also ensuring that it remains accessible and efficient for all South Africans.

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