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Remuneration & Payroll South Africa

PAL HCM: Empowering comprehensive HR and payroll management

PAL Human Capital Management (HCM) combines the power of PAL Pay and PAL People to provide companies with a comprehensive HR and payroll solution. Ideal for organisations seeking a seamless employee management system, PAL HCM offers cost-effective, all-in-one functionality without the need for integrations or interfaces.
PAL HCM: Empowering comprehensive HR and payroll management

Managing HR and payroll processes efficiently is essential for organisational success. PAL HCM, our executive suite, brings together the strengths of PAL Pay and PAL People to provide a complete HR and payroll solution.

Here's how PAL HCM empowers your company:

Comprehensive Payroll Management: PAL HCM integrates PAL Pay's powerful payroll functionalities, including payroll administration, cost management, and accurate cost allocation per cost centre. Automatic calculations for shifts, service increments, leave, bonuses, and other benefits streamline payroll processes and ensure precise compensation calculations.

South African compliance: PAL HCM meets the compliance requirements of African labour laws and regulations. Stay up to date with legislative changes, tax requirements, and reporting standards, reducing compliance risks and ensuring accurate payroll operations.

Robust HR dunctionality: PAL HCM incorporates PAL People's extensive HR modules, enabling efficient management of employee relations, performance evaluations, talent acquisition, and development. Features such as leave management, reporting, organisational structure, position profiling, and self-service capabilities enhance HR processes, fostering a productive and engaged workforce.

PAL HCM: Empowering comprehensive HR and payroll management

Streamlined employee self-service: PAL HCM empowers employees and managers with self-service functionality, allowing them to access and update their HR and payroll information conveniently. From leave requests and performance evaluations to personal details and benefits, self-service capabilities improve efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance employee engagement.

Expertise in expat payroll: PAL Solutions takes pride in its expertise in managing expatriate payroll. PAL HCM ensures accurate calculations and compliant processing for international employees, providing peace of mind and exceptional support for complex expat payroll scenarios.

Experience the difference with PAL HCM: Simplify your HR and payroll operations with PAL HCM's comprehensive suite of functionalities. Benefit from streamlined processes, compliance assurance, and seamless integration, all in a cost-effective package.

Contact us today to learn more about how PAL HCM can revolutionise your HR and payroll management, providing your company with a powerful, all-in-one employee management system.

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PAL Solutions has developed into a Human Capital and Workforce Management specialist company, focusing on Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance, Workforce Management, software and hardware solutions.
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