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Index Hotels SA takes over management of the C Resort & Residences in Prampram, Ghana

Index Hotels SA is pleased to announce the acquisition of the management contract for The C Resort & Residences in Prampram, Ghana. This strategic move commemorates a significant expansion for Index Hotels SA, reinforcing its commitment to delivering outstanding hospitality experiences in Western Africa.
Index Hotels SA takes over management of the C Resort & Residences in Prampram, Ghana

The partnership marks an integral chapter in the resort's history - originally the seaside holiday home of a local family who are renowned for their pivotal role in establishing Prampram and New Ningo as an adored beachside sanctuary for Ghanaians.

From its modest origins as Captan's Cabin, The C Resort has evolved into a haven that preserves its legacy whilst embracing a broader community. CEO Craig Seaman expressed the sentimental nature of the collaboration, stating, "We are honoured to be entrusted with the stewardship of The C Resort, a place steeped in memories and community spirit. Our commitment is not just to elevate its offerings but to honour the heart and soul that have made it a cherished destination."

Giselle van As, the newly appointed general manager, brings a wealth of experience from her years in the hospitality sector, which includes the Ghana hospitality market. She shared her passion for the project, saying, "The family's dedication to their community and the growth of The C Resort is truly inspiring. I am excited to be part of this journey and contribute to its continued success."

Index Hotels SA takes over management of the C Resort & Residences in Prampram, Ghana

The C Resort, once a private retreat, has opened its doors wider with additional spacious hotel suites to complement the existing accommodation offering - now offering 46 hotel rooms and suites. The family's commitment to local empowerment is evident in their focus on employment and upskilling, both in the hospitality sector and the resort's construction.

Looking ahead, The C Resort has ambitious plans that resonate with its dedication to community, sustainability, and enhancing guest experiences. The future includes expanding the culinary offerings within the new C Beach Club, allowing them to provide an immersive gastronomic experience for the residents and day visitors whilst supporting local fishermen through the introduction of al fresco seafood dining. The existing meeting spaces will be upgraded and increased so that incentive groups can be in an environment that fosters collaboration.

Guests’ experiences will be further enhanced through the accommodation upgrades that ensure a perfect blend of comfort and nostalgia, complimented by the new in-room amenities that promise the creation of lasting memories. Prioritising the elevation of guests’ stays at The C Resort, the plans for a spa will provide them with rejuvenating experiences in a serene environment. The resort’s private beach and marina, protected by a 270-meter sea-break gabion, are some of the additional water sports and recreational facilities present that cater for the diverse interests of the guests seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Index Hotels SA takes over management of the C Resort & Residences in Prampram, Ghana

A core value at the heart of The C Resort is sustainability and as they enter this new era, they plan to increase the focus on such initiatives. The inclusions of a plant nursery and vegetable garden form part of this. However, as a beachside establishment, their environment remains a priority and their proactive efforts in cleaning the ocean and beaches shine a light on that. Specifically, The C Resort cares deeply about protecting the baby sea turtles and thus will ensure the Sea Turtle hatchery will remain a vital part of the resort.

This collaboration between Index Hotels SA and The C Resort is not just a management contract; it's a pledge to preserve the heart and heritage of this coastal gem while weaving in new chapters that resonate with the spirit of the Captan family and the local community
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