linda graham

Financial Planner at FinCommunications
Location:South Africa


Linda Graham is a qualified financial planner and owner of a boutique marketing agency, FinCommunications, servicing the financial services industry. For further information please contact .
PoPI and social media

How times have changed. Social media marketing has evolved from being a bit of fun on the side to an absolute must-have for all businesses that want to remain relevant. Social media isn't just fun and games, though: it gives you access to personal information like never before. The big question is how the rules of PoPI apply when using social media for marketing and client service platforms...

By linda graham 11 Feb 2019

Who owns your LinkedIn profile?

Have you ever considered that your LinkedIn profile (along with your password and connections) could actually belong to your company? I kid you not...

By linda graham 3 Aug 2018

Social media for financial services: all the good and none of the bad

Social media is an excellent marketing tool, but in the wrong hands, it can also be severely damaging...

By linda graham 20 Jun 2018

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