26 Jul 2021Internal AuditingPretoria
26 Jul 2021Money Laundering Investigation/DetectionPretoria
26 Jul 2021Principles/Practices of Business AnalysisPretoria
26 Jul 2021Money laundering investigation/detectionPretoria
26 Jul 2021Internal auditingPretoria
27 Jul 2021Blockchain for Business with Prof Monica SingerZoom
28 Jul 2021Public Financial Management ActPretoria
2 Aug 2021Online course on project cost and schedule risk simulationPretoria
12 Aug 2021Estimating, costing and pricing of construction tenders 2021Johannesburg
16 Aug 2021Investigationlmanagement of cyber/electronic crimePretoria
23 Aug 2021Short Course in the Prevention/Detection of Corruption/Procurement FraudPretoria
23 Aug 2021Course in the Prevention/Detection of Corruption/Procurement FraudPretoria
23 Aug 2021Basic aviation occurrence investigationPretoria
23 Aug 2021Course in the prevention/detection of corruption/procurement fraudPretoria
25 Aug 2021Contracts Management Webinar 2021Johannesburg
6 Sep 2021Economic Crime SchemesPretoria
6 Sep 2021Economic crime schemesPretoria
6 Sep 2021Advanced course in time–series econometricsPretoria
6 Sep 2021Public financial management for non-financial managersPretoria
27 Sep 2021Fraud risk managementPretoria
8 Oct 2021Value added tax update training 2021Online
13 Oct 2021IFRS 17 Insurance Contract Accounting 2021Johannesburg
14 Oct 2021IFRS recap and update Online 2021Johannesburg
8 Nov 2021Time–Series Econometrics for the PractitionerPretoria
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