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Safaricom acquires national fibre backbone
Safaricom acquires national fibre backbone

Safaricom has signed a deal with the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) to use the latter's national distribution network to expand its data footprint across Kenya. Under the terms of the contract signed by the two firms, Safaricom operate an...

By Titus Kaloki 4 Feb 2010

Kenya: Excessive 3G license fee hurting business
Kenya: Excessive 3G license fee hurting business

There seems to be a calculated effort by the Kenyan government to protect mobile data services from competition by keeping the required license fee too expensive. Safaricom is currently the only service provider with one. Zain, Yu and Orange have...

By Titus Kaloki 29 Jan 2010

KENIC launches automated .ke registry system

The .ke domain names have been launched by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) with a new registry for their registration and management. Also included are three lower-priced second level Internet domains and a new registry system.

By Titus Kaloki 7 Jan 2010

Kenya accounts for 7% of Africa mobile industry

Kenya mobile telephony industry now accounts for 7% of mobile phone subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya had 17.4 million mobile phone subscribers by end of June 2009, translating to 45.7% penetration.

By Titus Kaloki 6 Jan 2010

YU launches mobile money transfer services

The fourth entrant into the mobile services Kenyan market, YU has launched a mobile money transfer service. The service branded "yuCash by Obopay" is the latest in services the firm has unveiled.

By Titus Kaloki 17 Dec 2009

Safaricom partners with CISCO
Safaricom partners with CISCO

Safaricom, a mobile service provider in Kenya has yet unveiled its ‘Managed Office in a Box' offer that saw it partner with Cisco, the global networking solutions provider. Cisco announced that it has joined forces with Kenyan mobile operator...

By Titus Kaloki 7 Dec 2009

Choosing the right CSR strategy for your company

Many buckets of ink have been spilled on how important it is to have corporate social responsibility (CSR) such that companies are falling over themselves rushing to start their own CSR project before their rivals do.

By Titus Kaloki 15 Sep 2009

EABL takeover deal frozen by UK court

A bid by East African Breweries Limited (EABL) to end its partnership with competitor, South African Breweries Miller (SABMiller), and join another brewer was put on hold by a UK court. In a ruling passed last week, Diageo - majority shareholder in...

By Titus Kaloki 24 Aug 2009

Investing in IT for competitive advantage

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), July/August 2008 issue, acceleration in market competition among industries in the US economy was due to the internet and enterprise IT, not because more products were becoming digitalised but because...

By Titus Kaloki 17 Jul 2009

Facebook launches in Swahili
Facebook launches in Swahili

In yet another move to affirm Swahili as a lingua franca, Facebook launched its own version in the language. The event took place at one of Kenya' premiere schools, the Starehe Boys Centre. It is among the top high school institutions for boys and...

By Titus Kaloki 22 Jun 2009

EASSy promises Africa a revolution

The Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) is claimed to be the highest capacity system being built on the eastern seaboard. The venture is spearheaded by its investment arm; WIOCC (West Indian Ocean Cable Company) which has the greatest reach...

By Titus Kaloki 11 May 2009

Walking billboards keep brands visible, budgets low

For most companies the most important part of business is getting new clientele and accounts. It is for this reason that many spend millions in advertising and marketing. However, newer ways of lowering costs and creating brand awareness have sprung...

By Titus Kaloki 7 May 2009

The creative economy: which way for Africa's future

Many have always wondered what is creativity and how can it be measured. How can one tell creativity from the norm and how can one tell what has been creatively done or not. A respected panel of experts who worked on the United Nations Conference on...

By Titus Kaloki 6 May 2009

MTN bids for Econet's stake in Yu

MTN Africa has its eyes set firmly on finally entering the Kenyan market by offering to buy Econet Wireless International's (EWI) stake in local mobile provider Econet Wireless Kenya (EWK) which operates as Yu. Currently Yu is the latest entrant in...

By Titus Kaloki 6 Apr 2009

Kenya to join the high speed internet world
Kenya to join the high speed internet world

With bated breath many in this tech-savvy East African country have been waiting to join the world of high speed internet connection. The digital divide is about to be reduced, thanks to the imminent arrival of fibre-optic cables on Kenyan shores...

By Titus Kaloki 23 Mar 2009

Kenya's top ten advertisers in 2008
Kenya's top ten advertisers in 2008

Amid the credit crunch and global economic downturn, firms are all trying to brace for a tougher future and this may only be achieved through intensive advertising using channels that offer value for money. In the year 2008, 20bn shillings were...

By Titus Kaloki 2 Mar 2009

CBK denies Zain's money transfer service

The Kenyan mobile services sector is in the headlines again, this time for all the wrong reasons. A war of words has emerged between the Central Bank of Kenya and the second largest mobile services provider, Zain. It's all about the failure by the...

By Titus Kaloki 30 Jan 2009

Yu launches in Kenya

Kenya has made a giant step in it's telecommunications market with the launch of Essar-powered Yu. The licence awarded to Africa's telecom heavy-weight, Econet in September 2007 has seen legal battles with a Kenyan consortium that claimed a share and...

By Titus Kaloki 1 Dec 2008

Product placing Kenyan tourism industry

It was delightful to read in one of our common dailies, the Daily Nation, about how the corprate players in Kenya have come to see sense in product placement and sponsorship on popular TV shows.

By Titus Kaloki 20 Nov 2008

Why you need a third generation website

A website is a mandatory feature serving as a global marketing tool, revenue earner and also a press office for your company or organisation. But having a first generation website that has just five pages; about us, services and products, and contact...

By Titus Kaloki 13 Nov 2008

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