Tim Leibbrandt

Freelance writer, editor at ArtThrob
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


    Freelance writer and musician based in Cape Town. Co-editor of the online South African contemporary art magazine ArtThrob.


    Year completed:2013
    Education level:Masters
    Institution:University of Cape Town
    Location:Cape Town, South Africa
    Decolonising the creative economy: Shukri Toefy on Fort's #CreateMovement campaign

    For Fort CEO Shukri Toefy, the launch of the #CreateMovement platform is intended to incite greater soul-searching within the African creative economy...

    By Tim Leibbrandt 14 Mar 2017

    Q&A with 'Unwritten' creator Shukri Toefy

    'Unwritten: A Visual Journey of Nepal' is a visually stunning cinematic account of The Rainmakers Journal founder Shukri Toefy's journey across the Kathmandu Valley.

    By Tim Leibbrandt 1 Nov 2016

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