Matthew Gray is client service director at cloud based e-recruitment company, Graylink. Passionate about the growth of digital and its role in rapidly changing business processes, Matthew has been at the forefront of solutions delivery, driving recruiting process change to Graylink's customer base, since the inception of the business in 2003.
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Number crunching vital for better recruitment results

In the digital world, the old management adage "you can't manage what you don't measure" has taken on new meaning. Staying on top of the numbers in a social recruitment campaign is crucial to achieve the best results.

By Matthew Gray 27 Nov 2013

Facebook recruitment is here

Facebook's growing focus on recruitment will usher in a new era in online talent search as companies can now get access to more than 1.15 billion active users on the world's largest social media site.

By Matthew Gray 31 Oct 2013

Applicant tracking systems, why a sourcing strategy alone is not enough

The number of recruitment channels has grown rapidly in recent years with candidates now coming in from corporate career websites, niche job boards, job board aggregators, Google searches, social media, as well as through traditional sourcing techniques. In social media, LinkedIn is now the most powerful tool on the web for sourcing professional candidates.

By Matthew Gray 1 Oct 2013

Using Twitter to recruit in 140 characters or less

Twitter is now one of the fastest growing social networks in South Africa, expanding by 129% to reach 5.5 million users by August 2013. That is an increase of more than 250,000 new members per month over the last year. Looking at Twitter use across the African continent, 60% of people are in their twenties, 57% access Twitter via their mobiles and 22% troll Twitter for job opportunities.

By Matthew Gray 26 Sep 2013

How to recruit young, graduate talent with Mxit

Mobile recruitment is taking off worldwide with Google reporting that one in five searches, including searching for jobs, are now done on a mobile device.

By Matthew Gray 9 Sep 2013

How to use YouTube to recruit the top talent

Recruiting with video is becoming an incredibly powerful way to reach top talent as candidates spend progressively less time reading and ever more time watching online videos, film and TV to get their information.

By Matthew Gray 4 Sep 2013

Looking for great new talent? Just Google it

Google has become the definitive source for web search, handling 65.2% of all searches worldwide - more than four times the number of pages indexed by runners-up Yahoo! and Bing combined. In 2006, the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary even included the word "Google," as a new transitive verb as in, let's "google it."

By Matthew Gray 23 Jul 2013

How companies can use LinkedIn to reach passive candidates

Companies are increasingly targeting passive candidates to fill vacancies as the skills shortage takes its toll on the availability of skilled candidates who are actively looking for a job.

By Matthew Gray 10 Jul 2013

Dangers of using a personal LinkedIn profile for recruitment

There is a trend within companies to use the personal LinkedIn profile of one of their HR employees in their e-recruitment efforts to find potential candidates. In this scenario, the employee will either use a shotgun approach, pushing out vacancies to their network, or they will be tasked with trying to find a specific skill set.

By Matthew Gray 4 Jul 2013

How to recruit on LinkedIn in 2013

LinkedIn is now the preferred choice for talent searching with research out of the US revealing that 93% of recruiters visit this network before going anywhere else.

By Matthew Gray 10 May 2013

Getting serious about social recruiting (part 1)

Social recruiting brings about a powerful new way of finding hard-to-reach candidates as talent increasingly shifts online.

By Matthew Gray 15 Apr 2013

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