Catherine Wijnberg

Catherine Wijnberg

Director and Founder of the Fetola Foundation
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Catherine Wijnberg is the Director and Founder of the Fetola Foundation (
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Why supporting local is more important than you think
Why supporting local is more important than you think

As South Africa battles the twin effects of illness and lockdown the time is ripe to consider carefully how and where South Africans spend their money...

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 1 Sep 2020

Top hiring tips for SMEs
Top hiring tips for SMEs

The success of small businesses is far more dependent on the performance of key staff than in larger organisations, yet small businesses often struggle with effective human resource management, especially when it comes to recruitment of new staff.

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 21 Jan 2014

Catherine Wijnberg
How to ace your first job interview

As someone who has owned and operated businesses in five different sectors and three countries, I have done my fair share of interviewing prospective employees, and interns. Here are some tips drawn from my own observations, to help prospective...

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 12 Dec 2013

Catherine Wijnberg
Making what's good for your country, good for your business

Love it or hate it, the BEE Code it is here to stay. As business leaders, we need strategies that make the Code work for our organisations, and just as importantly, work to make a real difference to the country.

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 3 Oct 2013

Catherine Wijnberg
Choosing the right enterprise development strategy

The search for job creation and economic growth solutions in South Africa has reached a state of frenzy, with all echelons of government, many corporate leaders and a raft of civil society organisations stepping forward to try to solve this vexing...

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 12 Jun 2013

Catherine Wijnberg
Youth unemployment in SA

The level of unemployment in South Africa officially decreased in the fourth quarter of 2012 by 0.1%, down from 25% to 24.9% (2012 Fourth Quarter Labour Survey). Sadly though...

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 18 Mar 2013

Catherine Wijnberg
Navigating stormy seas: What to do when your business is in turmoil

As any business leader with a few years under their belt can testify, all organisations - be they advertising agencies, marketing agencies, retailers, NGOs, manufacturing, publications - go through challenges as part of the natural growth cycle.

Catherine WijnbergBy Catherine Wijnberg 5 Sep 2012

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