Annelize van Rensburg

Director of Signium Africa
Location:South Africa


Annelize van Rensburg is a director at Signium Africa (previously Talent Africa), a South African-based executive search and talent management company servicing sub-Saharan Africa. She is also Leader of Signium's Global Consumer Goods and Services Practice.
#BizTrends2021: Communication - how business success will be determined in 2021

The speed with which the C-suite was tasked with managing monumental change as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold is unprecedented. However, one thing is becoming clear: no "new normal" is possible without robust new communication skills...

By Annelize van Rensburg 12 Jan 2021

Why now is the time to invest in executive talent

There's never been a better time to invest in executive talent. That may seem counterintuitive given current circumstances but there's sound logic behind it. Below are several reasons why spending on upper management makes perfect sense...

By Annelize van Rensburg 1 Jul 2020

How consumer trends are transforming executive DNA

Executive DNA is not immutable. Requirements shift. Profiles change. Business needs and economic conditions are obvious drivers, but societal factors, technology developments and the spirit of the times play a major role in how executives see themselves, their role and priorities...

By Annelize van Rensburg 4 Jul 2018

Seven lessons in corporate honesty

It is unusual to speak of honesty in terms of corporate advantage. Yet corporate honesty is a fundamental means of guarding against reputational damage...

By Annelize van Rensburg 3 Apr 2017

Leadership in a crisis... have you got what it takes?

At times like this, CEOs come under scrutiny. Inevitably, questions arise about their ability to survive, renew the business and ensure it emerges stronger than before...

By Annelize van Rensburg 8 Mar 2016

Fire yourself ... you'll be so glad you did!

Talent shortages on the outside and comfort zones on the inside create a growing dilemma for executive achievers. How long is too long in their current positions?

By Annelize van Rensburg 7 Oct 2015

How to spring clean your career

If you are planning to spring clean your career, use an industrial strength ride-on scrubber rather than a light duster, as a comprehensive revamp is usually necessary if you are serious about revitalising your prospects...

By Annelize van Rensburg 15 Sep 2015

How to wreck your own career

Sabotaging your own career is rarely discussed, especially at senior management level...

By Annelize van Rensburg 5 Jun 2015

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