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SA Shares is an independent brokerage and news platform operating in South Africa.
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Tips to choose the best forex broker for beginner traders
Brokers enable traders to buy and sell foreign exchange pairs and provide other trading services, such as leverage. Brokers generate revenue through the spread, or the difference between the buy and sell price, in addition to other expenses like commission. 2 Dec 2022 Read more

How to transfer money: A quick guide
Money transfers that are simple, cheap, and quick are more crucial than ever in today's globalised economy. 12 Oct 2022 Read more

A day in the life of project managers
A project manager's job requires a large set of both soft and hard skills, which they use in order to execute successful projects. As they are responsible for the timely and on-budget delivery of projects, it's the project manager's job to rally the troops and get workflow and morale high throughout the days, especially when there's a deadline fast approaching. Juggling team members, stakeholders, resources, and more, the project manager needs to possess the correct soft skills, such as good communication, time management, and leadership skills, paired with a working knowledge of the industry they are in to get the job done. 3 Oct 2022 Read more

9 tips to consider when you shop online for hair wigs
We always think that it would be ideal to buy a wig after touching and feeling the hair and being able to fit it on our heads, but sometimes we just don't have enough time to walk around trying to find wigs for sale, or maybe we just fall in love with a wig that is only sold online. If you are considering making your first purchase of a wig online, regardless of the motivation behind your decision, you are probably wondering about the potential problems that could arise or the information that you wish you had known prior to completing your order. Is this a correct assumption? We are here to give you nine amazing tips that you probably haven't thought about that could help you a lot when choosing your preferred online wig supplier. 23 May 2022 Read more

5 Benefits of decorating your home with mirrors
Mirrors encapsulate the essential design ethos of functionality and beauty. While we all use mirrors as part of our daily routine, both the reflective quality and the bold outlines of various mirror designs can be used to enhance the particular aesthetics of different room. 18 Mar 2022 Read more

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