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9 tips to consider when you shop online for hair wigs

We always think that it would be ideal to buy a wig after touching and feeling the hair and being able to fit it on our heads, but sometimes we just don't have enough time to walk around trying to find wigs for sale, or maybe we just fall in love with a wig that is only sold online. If you are considering making your first purchase of a wig online, regardless of the motivation behind your decision, you are probably wondering about the potential problems that could arise or the information that you wish you had known prior to completing your order. Is this a correct assumption? We are here to give you nine amazing tips that you probably haven't thought about that could help you a lot when choosing your preferred online wig supplier.
9 tips to consider when you shop online for hair wigs

  1. Shipping costs: It is important to understand the shipping costs that each potential seller will charge you. Sometimes you might end up getting an amazing price on a wig just to find out that you will end up paying a high shipping cost.

  2. Delivery times: Try to understand where the company is based. If you are looking for wigs for sale in Pretoria but the company is based in Cape Town, the delivery time will be much longer. But if you are buying from a brand that is located closer to you, maybe in Gauteng, chances are high that you will receive your wig within 1 or 2 days. Not bad, right?

  3. Research: When starting the online search for your next wig, you can just type "wigs for sale Pretoria" and see what the recommended places are from Google. Chances are good that you will find a reputable brand that can offer you beautiful wigs, amazing prices, and faster delivery times to Pretoria.

  4. When in doubt, ask questions: You can also reach out to brands through WhatsApp and e-mail when you have any doubts. This is also a good way to test their customer service and feel safer that you can trust them with your order. 
Just keep in mind that, sometimes, delivery times take a bit longer when you are shopping during a sale, due to the increased volume of orders that companies receive. If you need your new wig with a certain urgency and are unsure about how the sale period could impact delivery times, you should write a message to the supplier asking something like: "Hi, how long will delivery take if I buy one of your wigs for sale in Pretoria?"

  5. Think twice before buying from places that only offer customized wigs: these types of suppliers tend to not accept returns. It is better to buy what you are actually seeing online exactly as you will receive it and from companies that give you the option to return or exchange the product.

  6. Options of payment: Give preference to stores that give you many payment options, especially the ones that offer you "Buy Now. Pay Later." This shows that the company is up to date with the latest trends and went the extra mile to find solutions that will cater to all types of clients and that they are committed to giving you the best online service possible.

  7. Navigation: Would you enter a store that has a bad front window or one that seems messy on the inside? Probably not, and that should be exactly the same on an online store. If the website is not user-friendly or the quality of the photos is not that great, it might be a sign that the company is not focusing so much on their online clients and should sound an alert to you.

  8. Check reviews: Does the supplier show good reviews on their website from verified buyers? Do they have good reviews from clients on Facebook and Instagram, or even good reviews on Google? This is a good sign that they are trying to offer a great service to their clients and will give you more confidence that you can trust them.

  9. Avoid buying from companies that are not based in South Africa. It is less about whether you can trust the quality of their wigs and more about the headache that you might have if, for any reason, you need to return the product or ask for a refund. There is always the risk that you will have to pay duties and taxes if they are shipped from a different country.

We all know that the best place to find the perfect wig for sale is by researching on the internet, but buying your first wig online can be a difficult step to take, considering all the fears associated with shopping online. Try to pay attention to the 9 tips listed above, and we can assure you that you will have a smoother experience when shopping online for your next wig.

23 May 2022 14:29