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Why should you invest in a generator now?

Generators are not something new and they are available in a variety of brands, types, sizes, and strengths that range from small portable machines to large and complex generators that power plants, factories, and other industrial and commercial operations.
Why should you invest in a generator now?

With the unpredictable and unreliable supply of electricity in South Africa, a power outage, whether planned or unplanned, can wreak havoc on appliances, machines, and equipment in the long term. It has therefore crossed the minds of many South Africans whether they should purchase generators either for professional or household use from a trusted supply such as Africa Power Equipment.

Why it is a good idea to purchase a generator now

Prevent damage to appliances and equipment

This is one of the more obvious reasons why most people invest in a generator. Power outages can lead to power surges when the supply of electricity from the grid is continued. People do not always remember to unplug machines, appliances, and equipment when the power goes off and the surge in electricity can damage these appliances.

By investing in a generator, consumers can ensure that there is a constant supply of electricity and power surges can be avoided.

Caring for your family

During a power outage or loadshedding, families who have young children or elderly people who require are may face several challenges. With a generator, the care for vulnerable family members can be ensured.

Ensuring that the home remains secured

When the power goes out, a lot of reliance is placed on the battery of home security systems and depending on the duration of the outage, this may threaten the safety and security of the home and its inhabitants.

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Considerations before purchasing a generator

Generators are becoming essential with tighter and more frequent loadshedding schedules in South Africa, posing a significant threat to an already dampened economy as result of lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic. Before purchasing a generator for commercial or household use, there are some factors to consider.

Power priorities

Generators are sold according to their power output in watts. The amount of power that generators deliver will determine which appliances, lights, equipment, and machines can be run simultaneously. The consistency and the quality of the power provided will determine how well the generator runs.

Before purchasing a generator, it is imperative to determine the power requirements of the household or business to ensure that the correct generator is purchased and used.

Type of generator

There are several types of generators that serve different use applications. Africa Power Equipment is one of the leading suppliers of generators in South Africa, featuring the following types of generators: |

  • Inverter generators
  • Single-phase generators
  • Three-phase generators
  • Petrol generators
  • Diesel generators
  • Silent generators
  • Open type generators
  • Gas generators
  • PTO (tractor-driven) generators
  • Unslung/reefer generators

For consumers who do not wish to purchase a generator, Africa Power Equipment also offers the option for generator rentals from affordable prices, with an array of generator types to choose from. Visit their website here:

11 Aug 2021 14:53